The “Good” War


The “Good” War

Published on Thursday, 04 August 2016

A plausible narrative for the causes of the first world war (1914-18) is provided in Docherty & McGregor’s Hidden History. The second world war is popularly referred to as the “good war”. Justification for WW2 was based on the lie that both Germany and Japan were seeking world domination. If one ignores what is claimed and study the resulting institutions and geopolitical changes, the real reasons for the war become obvious. Like all wars, it was fought for the benefit of the Structural Elite. As in all issues, one needs to ask: cui bono? (who benefits?). James Perloff talks at length in this podcast and provides a detailed, referenced analysis of the reasons for and the beneficiaries of the war.

James Perloff on Spingola Speaks (2 hours 22 minute podcast)

Deanna’s returning guest this warm summer afternoon was independent historian, author and writer, James Perloff who shared with listeners a great presentation on the true purpose of World War Two

Our false perspective on history has been created to shepherd us into the fold of a one world government. The architects and beneficiaries of all wars are accelerating progress and the current economic and geopolitical turmoil is setting the scene for the final stages for the enslavement of humanity.

Only through truth can we escape the otherwise inevitable. There is an imperative to discuss the “good war” and debunk the lies which are leading us to the abyss. Once we understand the causes of wars, deprivation, oppression and destruction, we can reverse this trajectory towards disaster. Truth is the only salvation.

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