“Citizens Dividend or Basic Income?”

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It is we the individuals of this world, and our ancestors, who have worked hard and built the nations. And it is time we demand our fair share of the pie. To hell with slaving away, day in and day out, our entire lives, while waiting for a few bones to be tossed our way by the elite pigs:

Citizens Dividend or Basic Income?

Published on Saturday, 06 August 2016

Last month, Critical Thinking held a Citizens Dividend evening, in collaboration with GlobalNet21 and Henningham Family Press, to explore and discuss why Basic Income is not enough; natural justice demands the means to life, our birthright, which is currently denied to many or only granted in return for enslavement to the corrupt and abusive political economy.

The first hour comprised of three presentations to put the principle of a Citizens Dividend into context of: sharing the commons (land, resources etc.), usury and art. The second half was an open discussion among the 20 or so participants.

Some references mentioned in the video are listed on the YouTube page:

Critical Thinking’s analysis concludes that we have three fundamental flaws in our current political economy:

Institutional hierarchy – which determines who benefits from the wealth of the planet

Usury – a contrived wealth transfer mechanism that drives money from those who create wealth to the wealthiest who control the institutional hierarchy

Denial of access to the means to life (the commons)

Citizens Dividend, funded by sharing the wealth of the commons (land, resources etc.), is the means to provide natural justice for all by fair distribution of what belongs to no-one but is ours, by right, to access.

Removing usury is relatively straight-forward; the challenge is to abandon the illusory “security blanket” of authority.

Source: Citizens Dividend or Basic Income?