“Delusion and Illusion”

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Delusion and Illusion

Published on Thursday, 11 August 2016

Yesterday, Eddie posted an extraordinary interview with a former director of the CIA in which he was urging murder of Russians and Iranians.

cause we is the good guy

Former acting director of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Michael Morell during a televised interview with American talk show host Charlie Rose, openly conspired to commit a raft of war crimes in Syria, suggesting that the US should take measures to ”covertly” kill Russians and Iranians through armed proxies on the ground.

Meanwhile, the UK is committing marines to “train” the New Syrian Army.

Hundreds of Royal Marines to join the SAS to train New Syrian Army and fight ISIS

In a bid to break the deadlock in the war-torn nation, Royal Marines will join the SAS to provide the New Syrian Army
After the training has finished, NSA fighters will return to battle alongside SAS forces in Syria.

The New Syrian Army is presumably the Free Syrian Army by a different name. When the product stinks, change the brand name. It has long been established that MI6 and the SAS are fighting alongside ISIS and so all the claims of “fighting ISIS” are clearly false. The aim remains: regime change in Syria. The BBC reports this latest news with the air of normality – no matter that there is mo mandate for war on Syria or regime change. These are crimes under international law.

So where is the outrage? Stop the War Coalition (STWC) continues to wring its hands in dismay yet fails to even begin get to the roots of this and other wars. ISIS is NATO’s terrorist wing (Gladio B) and the war on terror is a profit centre (primarily for the banksters).

STWC proudly boasts of its 15 years in opposing wars but has achieved little other than divert real opposition into controlled opposition; STWC is a safety valve which provides a forum for people to rant but achieves very little in terms of its aims, to stop war. There’s only one way to stop war and that is to remove the levers of power from the Structural Elite.

Which brings us to delusions. We abstract ourselves from space and reality in the way we think. Once our thinking changes, we cannot imagine wanting to inflict harm on others. To harm others is to harm ourselves.

The Nature of Receptive Omnipresence by Alan Rayner

There is so much talk these days about the coming ‘new paradigm’ – that new way of understanding our human place in the world that will finally save us from the folly that has blighted humankind for millennia, resulting in war and destructive exploitation of one another and our natural neighbourhood

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