Belief in “Authority”


There is, in reality, no such thing as a political authority (“the state”); political authority is a mind game, it’s a scam that uses our fears to enslave and rule over us. We give corrupt and weak men and women our consent to be overseen and ruled by them. And so we can, in reality, take that consent away as easily as we have given it, if that is, we have the awareness and guts to do so?

Belief in “Authority”

Published on Monday, 15 August 2016

What is truly bizarre is many people’s unquestioning belief in the “great and the good”. If you or I were to conspire to commit murder, irrespective of the claimed justification, we would be guilty of a crime; conventional wisdom and most jurisdictions frown on “taking the law into your own hands”. There is no right conferred on political leaders, when elected, to allow them to act outside of the law and yet they do, and on a regular basis. One of the most obvious examples is the practice of targeted assassinations; assassination is murder and yet few question how and why Presidents and Prime Ministers can get away with murder.

Political Assassinations – The “New Normal” Trend Weapon of the Global Elites? by Peter Koenig

Assassinations to reach an objective is not new for the all-powerful. The practice has been going on at least for centuries, if not for millennia, but it has intensified drastically in the last fifty years, and it is becoming ever bolder, as the rulers of the Anglosphere tighten their grip on humanity – on Mother Earth and her resources.

Our ignorance and lack of concern over such practices allows Obama and others to continue to get away with murder and worse; meanwhile, our belief in their authority and propaganda is taking us ever closer to WW3; arguably it has already started.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko Preparing to Attack Donbass and Crimea by Alexander Mercouris

Poroshenko has also put the Ukrainian military in Donbass and along the border with Crimea on alert. He is also trying to contact the US and European leaderships to gain their support. It is a certainty that over the next few hours ritual statements of support for Ukraine and criticisms and warnings to Russia will indeed come from the US and European leaderships.

It doesn’t require much imagination to see: the parallels between Austria marching into Serbia in response to the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand (leading to WW1) and the Ukraine provoking Russia or the demonisation of Putin as the next bogeyman to justify yet another banksters war.

Our belief in experts and authority is validated and reinforced with simplified narratives; dissent is quashed and those who disagree with the consensus view are vilified and suppressed. It now means that the promoted views in geopolitics and science go unchallenged, leading us into ever more dangerous territory such as geoengineering (chemtrails) in response to the largely mythical threat of man-made climate change.

Intellectual orthodoxy is a bigger threat than climate change by Jamie Whyte

“Why climate denial should be a criminal offense”. According to Dr Gilbert, “the scientific consensus [for catastrophic manmade climate change] is so overwhelming that to argue against it is to perpetuate a dangerous fraud”.

In 1915, you would have been hard pressed to find a physicist who believed that time slows down under gravitational force. Yet this is entailed by Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity, first published that year. It was lucky for Einstein, and for the progress of science, that Dr Gilbert’s proposed prohibition on scientific dissent was not then in force.

It’s time to abandon belief in the “great and good”. What we have, in authority, are the mendacious and corrupt; they are weak, manipulated and have lost their humanity and morality.

We need to believe in and rely on ourselves and each other rather than those who’ve led us appallingly to where we are today, the brink of WW3.

Source: Belief in “authority”