“A Few Replies”

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My words, here, are not aimed at those who are truly troubled by the recent personal revelations made by the following author/speaker/personality. I understand that for many of his admirers, what he has recently shared about his past is more than troubling, and I don’t fault them, except to say, they shouldn’t place so much faith in any one individual. After all, we are all screwed up in varying ways, and we all have some skeletons in the closet, skeletons which most of us desperately seek to keep in that closet, come hell or high water.

I am not one of the folks connected to this particular individual; I post articles from this individual’s site on occasion, but he never became a guru to me. I learned the hard way, along time ago, not to place people on pedestals they could never possibly remain on. What this person has or hasn’t done, in the past or recently, is of little importance to me. I agree with this person on many issues, and I disagree on many others. His past life is none of my business, nor should it be anyone else’s as well!

My words are aimed directly at the multitude of hypocrites that make up society in this dismal hell-hole called America. These are the ONES who believe they have the right to sit in judgement of all others, because they have, as of yet, never been exposed for their dirty secrets, their hidden away skeletons, that keep them up at night.

These are the ONES who have had to pay for any number of abortions, because they are just too damn irresponsible, lazy and immature to take the necessary steps to avoid “unwanted pregnancies”, and I am speaking of both men and women here: it takes two to tango, two to screw, and two to commit murder of an unborn helpless innocent.

I taught in a school system where several girls, by the time they were juniors and seniors, had already had four or more abortions. Mass murderers never had anything on these young “ladies” and “gents”.

As of last count, a decade or more ago, 53 million unborn babies had been sacrificed at the alter of a “political right”. And my guess is, by now, it is twice that many babies, or more, knowing this “Let’s party, suck and fuck” menagerie/society. Here is America’s sense of morality: Kill children, “Okay!” Molest children, “Oh the horror!” Many Americans have a very guilty conscience, and so they are in need of scapegoats, and pedophiles and Muslims are in season.

These are also the ONES who will most likely vote for either Donnie or Hillary, and then wave the flag and shout USA, as their latest government stooge wages war after war on men, women and CHILDREN all over this planet. But of course, the deaths of these children, at the hands of pillaging, murdering, raping American storm-troopers, does not bother these disgusting, low-life hypocrites in the least. Hell, they don’t even care that many of these third world children were molested by American “wounded warriors” before being murdered; it’s all “collateral damage”, “in the name of democracy and capitalism”, to these “dumbed-down, self actualized” hedonists.

So, to these morally bankrupt hypocrites I say: go ahead and judge the person in the following article, go ahead and do whatever it takes to soothe your own sordid conscience. But know this, hypocrites, at the end of the day, you still have to live with your hidden, dirty skeletons and bald-faced lies:

A Few Replies

by Zen Gardner

Well, things sure heated up after I published the story of my missing years. It was expected, I’ve lived with this from the inside and out most of my life and I know what triggers it sets off, especially if folks are mega-dosed with the more appalling revelations, which those videos and articles are designed to do.

I just wanted to get a quick follow up out there as the attacks against me are going viral and people need to see I’m fine and how I see this so far.

Some are calling for my head, but I have no need to defend myself. It was what it was and I got out, I tried to expose it then and after and have exposed similar dynamics in all of society ever since. Thankfully I’ve moved into new and amazing awareness and liberation which I will continue to share as effectively as possible no matter what some have decided to think of me.

It really doesn’t matter.

They have their issues to work out just as I do. As a good friend wisely said in answer to that email campaign sent out by someone to my private list and the attack articles he’s widely publishing;

“Thanks for your mail. The reason Zen came out with this is that he felt the need to do so as it did not feel good to write and not address this part of his past. He wants to come clean and that is it. But maybe there is more about it. I personally don’t think so but who knows. It is his own stuff he has to deal with and it doesn’t change my view of him at all. He told me about this part of his life a month ago and made me understand him better as I saw that there were clearly holes in his way of manifesting. I do not judge any of it , it is his “shit” to deal with. If he feels he has a reason to do this, fine with me; it is irrelevant to me and does not distract me at all. No judgement to the external in any way as the only focus I have is trying to understand my innerworld and trying to stay humble and connected and grounded. Judging anything in the external reality is a judgement on parts of the Self anyway. If something in the outside world triggers an emotion in me then that is a indication of attachment and need for healing inside of me and not in the outside world. I can only be thankful to the trigger outside me at that moment for giving me that opportunity.”

That’s a beautifully conscious response that puts things in their proper perspective, if you ask me. We all move on, hopefully, no matter what mistakes we’ve made in the past.

Irony and Double Standards

What’s sadly ironic is when someone leaves the massive military cult and realizes the error of their ways and turns against it they’re treated as heroes, even if they’ve murdered and maimed and a whole host of atrocities. And I agree with that treatment, it’s honorable and they were misled and horribly abused. They enlisted, by their own choice, at a young age and with very idealistic goals, and were brainwashed under duress to obey and follow orders with strong repercussions if they didn’t.

Similarly whistleblowers who were once part of corrupt systems are welcomed and encouraged.

Very few wake up from the military programming. It would be too hard to face that the horror they committed was for nothing and they were used and abused, lied to and manipulated. Those who do wake up and make a stand, whatever crimes they’ve committed, are celebrated, and rightfully so.

The same can be applied to a whole host of hierarchical groups from religions to secret ops and societies to corporate and governmental command structures. The traps are everywhere.

How will you treat those who wake up and get out of those? Seems we have some work to do before we can call this a true awakening.

Willful Exceptions

That my situation is similar yet totally different in how people react even when I’ve had a complete and total reversal speaks to some very strong dynamics in not just society, but human nature. We seem to need someone to go after to release our rage and indignation, as well as fear. Witch hunting and the inquisition are examples of this, while attention was diverted from the horrific oligarchies and corrupt governments and leaders of their times. It speaks to unresolved personal issues in people as well that get triggered by a seemingly easy target, as mentioned in the first quotation.

It’s a sad statement of the human condition.

I want to thank all those who’ve sent words of understanding and encouragement, I’ve been overwhelmed with the sensitivity and compassion in the midst of such shocking news. It’s been a long road for me to get over all of this, but I realize it has hit many people hard and has thrown them into a tailspin, forcing them to re-evaluate everything I’ve said for so many years and even examining their own lives and skeletons in their closets and unresolved issues.

All this doesn’t diminish anything in my mind, what I’ve said and done and become came from the depths of my heart, and my past experience is largely what propelled me into joining the fray consciously with everything in me in the fight for humanity.

People can attach to me any perceived motive or agenda they want, but I mean everything I say, and will continue in my mission. If you examine the lives of many highly motivated people you’ll usually find serious traumas they had to overcome that made them into the fighters they became, in spite of their weaknesses and the heavy tragedies and traumas they had to carry in their hearts.

A Focused Fighter’s Response

I received an unsolicited reaction from Jon Rappoport that he has graciously given me permission to use as I saw fit. It says a lot, and comes from the heart of one such truth warrior.

“Here is what I have to say:

Under the trying and trapping circumstances, you did what you could. You owe no apologies to anyone.

Your voice is strong. It needs no guilt threaded through it.

The multitudes of people you address every day—the responsibility is on their shoulders to wake up if they can. You’re giving everything you can to bring this about.

If there are nitpickers and “gotcha idiots” out there, ignore them. They have no lives.

There are many people in this world who ought to confess to what they’ve done and what they’ve failed to do. You are not one of them.

You’ve cleared that hurdle. You’re way past that.

What we’re dealing with here are the sleeping billions. That’s the target. That’s the work and the game and the cosmic joke. And in the process, we wake up more.

One way or another, people suck on the teat of guilt and use it for their own ends. They need to see a man who won’t. They don’t know that, but that’s what they need.

You’re on the high, high end of consciousness. Way on the plus end.

So fuck it, and onward!


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  1. Powerful writing! My hope and prayer is the mass awakening that is happening now will ripple and ripple. Then the paradise we envision can actually happen. Nothing can stop us now.

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  2. Oh how I hope you are right, LT!

    Some days, the way we have been divided against each other really gets to me. And the last few days have been some of those days.

    But I’m not giving up yet!

    Thanks for the words of encouragement!

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