“Fear of Our Death and Hierarchy”

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Fear of Our Death and Hierarchy

Published on Sunday, 14 August 2016

Critical Thinking continues to wrestle with the concept of institutional hierarchy and how it emerged – what caused permanent, institutional hierarchy that granted wealth, privilege, status and power to a minority who ruled over other humans? Alan Rayner posted an essay, written some three years ago, yesterday on Twitter which may give us a vital clue. Our fear of our own death may have been the means by which we came to be controlled by others – it would have required something dramatic to transform from self-organising, non-hierarchical forms of living to the idea of someone being in charge of everything, permanently.

From Abstract to Natural Perception – Through the ‘Space Barrier’ to a Refreshing New Understanding of Life and Love by Alan Rayner

The vitality of death and decay to the opening up of new possibilities for life

Our culture today is obsessed with death and our fear of it, a product of how we’ve been brainwashed with concepts of heaven and hell etc. but if death is a transition in consciousness, what is there to fear? Yet immortality is what many crave without a real understanding of the consequences of what we’re striving for. Our fear of death is leading us down a dark path. Our attempts to subvert nature and overcome natural law are likely to have unintended and potentially fatal consequences for humanity.

Doing things, just because we can, is unlikely to bring about a better world. We’ve yet to grow as a species into the technology we’ve already created. It’s worse than giving a child free reign in a sweet shop – it’s letting psychopathic corporations loose on infinite ways to destroy humanity, most probably by accident.

Source: Fear of our death and hierarchy