The Grass is Always “Green”er…?


For those evidently unaware, “Green” is a corporate-capitalist marketing device. So if you think the “Green Party” candidate (Jill Stein) is a better choice than Hillary or Donnie, then you are sadly mistaken. “Green” Stein is as corporate controlled as Hillary, Donnie and mercury-filled light-bulbs.

ONCE AGAIN, it is the political system that is the evil here; and it isn’t broken, it is, as it always has been, working just the way it was designed to. So voting for this “savior” or that “savior”, on the left, middle, center, or behind, is not going to change a damn thing:

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein

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Want real and positive change, for you and your family? Then WITHDRAW from this corrupt, criminal-system of politics/economics/government: stop taking part and keeping it alive, stop feeding the beast, and the beast will eventually die:

Green Party Candidates at CNN Town Hall: Promoting Illusions in the Capitalist System

By Evan Blake
19 August 2016

In a town hall meeting on CNN this Wednesday, US Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein and her running mate Ajamu Baraka answered questions from audience members and host Chris Cuomo, one of the network’s leading news anchors. The event was simulcast on CNN International, CNN en Español, CNNGo, and Sirius XM satellite radio—by far the most significant coverage given to the Green Party this election cycle.

During the Democratic Party primaries, widespread popular opposition and anger found expression in support for the campaign of Bernie Sanders. With Sanders’ craven endorsement of Hillary Clinton, the Greens are, with the backing of the pseudo-left and sections of the capitalist media, presenting themselves as the continuators of Sanders’ fraudulent “political revolution.”

Over the course of the 80-minute program, the comments of the Green Party candidates confirmed the pro-capitalist character of the Green Party, which is seeking to corral disaffected workers and youth back within the confines of bourgeois politics.

In the corporate media environment at CNN, Stein and Baraka refrained from using the words “capitalism,” “socialism,” “working class,” and above all, “class struggle.” The very fact that Chris Cuomo remained solicitous and friendly throughout the event should give one pause as to the “anti-establishment” or “outsider” character of the Green Party.

The town hall questions focused primarily on three main issues: the 2016 US elections, the Green Party’s positions on war and foreign policy and police violence. In each case, the candidates presented the policies of the ruling class entirely in subjective terms, referring at various times to the Obama administration’s decisions to bail out the banks and prosecute imperialist war abroad as individually poor decisions on the part of Obama himself or his administration as a whole.

The first question from the audience came from Gloria Tso, a former Sanders supporter, who asked, “What would you like to say to win over Sanders supporters like me, who are absolutely not voting for Trump but are feeling somewhat disillusioned by Clinton?”

Stein replied with gushing and uncritical praise for the Sanders campaign, saying, “The political system will never be the same… You’ve learned really, in real time, why it is that you can’t have a revolutionary campaign in a counterrevolutionary party. Bernie did everything right and his supporters did everything right, but the playing field was really steeply and unfairly tilted against you.”

After decrying the anti-democratic character of the nomination process and the corruption of the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton campaign, Stein sought to present the Greens as a “revolutionary party” for former Sanders supporters. “Bernie himself said, ‘it’s a movement, it’s not a man.’ And it’s clear Hillary does not represent what you were working for… Many people have looked to us from Bernie’s campaign as ‘plan B,’ so that if they ran into trouble they could continue building this revolutionary campaign, but now all the stronger for being inside of a revolutionary party that supports the work that you’re doing and will continue to build it until we prevail.”

In fact, the Sanders campaign was not and the Green Party is not “revolutionary.” Stein’s identification of the impulse behind the support for Sanders with the candidate himself starkly reveals the conventional and pro-capitalist politics of the organization. Sanders’ groveling endorsement of Clinton laid bare the basic purpose of the campaign from the beginning: to channel social opposition behind the Democratic Party. Now, Stein and the Greens are seeking to tap into the same social unrest in order to contain it within the confines of bourgeois politics.

The bulk of the town hall meeting centered on questions of foreign policy, militarism and war, with Stein and Baraka presenting themselves as “peace” candidates in contrast to Clinton and the Democratic Party. They did so, however, in a wholly unprincipled manner, characterizing the “war on terror” and US wars more broadly as “catastrophic policies” driven by “incompetency,” instead of the deliberate actions of the world’s most powerful imperialist state. There was no mention of the economic impetus for imperialist war, including the drive to secure access to oil resources, nor of the broader geo-strategic interests of the American capitalist class.

In her opening remarks, Stein called for enacting “foreign policy that’s based on international law, human rights and economic justice, not on military and economic dominance that’s blowing up at us.” In effect, Stein is giving support to wars sanctioned by the UN Security Council, such as the 2011 War in Libya, and the promotion of “human rights” as the all-purpose justification for war used by American imperialism…

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Source: Green Party candidates at CNN town hall: Promoting illusions in the capitalist system – World Socialist Web Site


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