“Primary Sources and Documented Evidence”

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As I’ve stated before, there is no savior (beyond ourselves) coming to rescue we the individuals from this structural-elite owned and operated worldwide system/order, and by “worldwide system/order” I mean the major communist-socialist nations of the east, and the major capitalist nations of the west: ONE “Whore of Babylon” attempting to convince us she is two opposed-to-each-other entities; one good (for now), the east, and one bad (for now), the west. Mind-control bullshit!

As of this moment, the U.S. and NATO are the aggressors in the world, “the bad guys”, and Russia and China appear to be the victims, “the good guys” (role playing). But to think in these terms is to be very naive and lacking in knowledge of history. The Eastern nations are as hell bent on globalization as the U.S. and NATO nations, because both the east and west are controlled by the same elite powers that be. And when the west falls, which it will sooner or later, just watch how quickly these roles are reversed; just watch as Russia and China become the aggressors, “the bad guys”, and the U.S. and Europe become the victims, “the good guys”.

This structural-elite bullshit, which keeps humanity divided, has been going on for eons now. So isn’t it time for we the individual to stop taking part in this same old shit, over and over again, while expecting a different result? Isn’t it time that we put away our individual and collective insanity, by ceasing to buy into this ancient lie, and then create a new and better world for ourselves and our children’s children?

Primary Sources and Documented Evidence

Published on Wednesday, 24 August 2016

When seeking to understand the world, it is necessary to work your way through layers of obfuscation and deception to get to the truth. The fastest way to get there is to rely on primary evidence and look for corroboration from independent sources. In the case of climate science, there are few truly independent sources available and they are under constant attack from the protectors of the “consensus”.

As we’ve rehearsed in Daily Pickings on many occasions, we should not be focusing on symptoms, real or imagined but on the system which is driving human thought and behaviour to collective suicide. Our misunderstanding of geopolitics renders us impotent cheerleaders for global war and/or inevitable collapse. The managerial shift from a uni-polar world to a multi-polar one is setting us up for global conflict. Irrespective, the march to one world government continues as alternative media follow what’s put in front of them.

Dr. BRICSLove or: How Alt-Media Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the NWO

The real tragedy of this disconnect between fiction and reality, however, is not merely the perturbing dismissal of primary sources, but that in the abandonment of uncomfortable Truths for reassuring fiction, those alt-media aficionados who believe the Chinese-led Eastern coalition to be in opposition to Globalism find themselves in unwitting support of the next phase of the New World Order, euphemistically marketed as “multipolarism.”

The system which drives all this is the current, manipulated political economy; that is something we can change.

Source: Primary sources and documented evidence

There is only one way out of this insanity, and that one way is for we the individuals, all over the planet, to do away with this ancient, tyrannical statist system, this ancient curse on humanity and the planet. We need to stop looking to “isms” (capitalism, socialism, communism, etc: large government/economic-systems) as our saviors, and start taking responsibility for our own lives, individually. And then, perhaps, we the individuals can come together to create a new, sane and peaceful world to live in!

So, if you consider yourself to be a “capitalist” or a “communist” or a “socialist”, then you are simply taking part in and supporting this system/order, which keeps all of us divided and at war with each other. Wake up people of the world, these “isms” are not saviors, they are just the opposite: they are elite-created wolves in sheep’s clothing, seeking to enslave and rule over you and me.

It is time to move on!


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