“Does Critical Thinking have a Climate Agenda?”

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“Have no respect for the authority of others, for there are always contrary authorities to be found.”

Does Critical Thinking have a Climate Agenda?

Published on Tuesday, 23 August 2016

A couple of responses to yesterday’s Daily Pickings has prompted today’s post.

There are many thinking people who remain convinced that CO2 emissions will bring about catastrophic global warming. The “global warming” même was dropped around 10 years ago when global temperatures rather inconveniently, leveled off. The newer threat to us all is “climate change” but the climate is always changing. The debate is whether the late 20th century warming was extraordinary or life threatening.

The case rests on the Anthropogenic Global Warming Theory but the hypothesis falls at the first fence – there is no hotspot over the equator which would have to exist for the theory to hold and what climate models predicted. Not only is the hotspot absent but the models’ predictions of runaway global warming have failed to materialise.

Critical Thinking takes a neutral(ish) view on whether it will cool or warm from here but absent a dramatic shift (into another ice age perhaps) climate change is no threat to humanity or the planet. But a lot of what is being done ostensibly to combat climate change is a much greater threat to humans, animals and plant life on earth.

Meanwhile, we’re rushing headlong into WW3, civil disintegration and economic collapse.

If environmentalists were serious about stopping despoliation of the planet and concerned about the future of humanity, they would focus on usury and the political economy.

Climate science is inordinately complex and abstracting data for the climate models cannot hope to replicate this vast complex system of the global climate which is largely driven by natural cycles. It will do what it has done for millennia; we should fix our political economy and then the planet and us will do fine.

Too many people now depend on the man-made global warming myth for it to simply evaporate. Only by understanding the vested interests which created and those sustaining it can we make it go away but why bother? Why not unite on what we can agree on. The recipe for fixing most of our problems is simple – it just needs understanding of what drives the evils of our current political economy:

Dissolve hierarchy and implement the following principles:

Transformation requires adherence to three fundamental principles:

1. Sharing the wealth of the commons, to fund public services and an

2. Unconditional Citizens Dividend.

3. Make debt unenforcible in law and prohibit interest (Debt would revert to being a social construct rather than a weapon of wealth extraction, oppression and destruction)

Critical Thnking’s agenda is to help those trying to save us all from our collective folly of focusing on the wrong issues/problems, some real, some manufactured. We seek to understand the world and identify levers for change. Truth and impartiality are essential to Critical Thinking.

Have no respect for the authority of others, for there are always contrary authorities to be found.

Source: Does Critical Thinking have a climate agenda?


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