An NFL Quarterback Remained Seated: “Oh the Humanity!”


I wasn’t going to dignify this meaningless ‘news’ item by posting anything about it. But it pisses me off so much that I must, once again, lose self-control and rant a bit.

All this hubbub about an NFL quarterback refusing to stand during the national anthem, and meanwhile, the world is on the brink of economic collapse and/or nuclear destruction. Only in America would this make any sense, the rest of the world’s peoples are far too sane.

This ‘news’ item and public response, more than anything else, reveals to me just how asleep/unconscious the majority of Americans remain. This is beyond comprehension, with everything that is happening in America and the world today, but it is evidently the sad reality.

More than half of Americans old enough to be gainfully employed are not, nor have most of them been since 2008. The world is on the brink of economic collapse, and nuclear war (between west and east) may be lurking right around the next bend. And even if nuclear war is avoided, the world is still filled with war/conflict, death and destruction, which has been perpetrated by an elite minority of psychopaths who own and operate the west and east.

Some claim (not me) humanity is on the brink of ‘extinction’.

So what is the major concern in America, for the last few days? An NFL quarterback chose to protest this government’s racist, bigoted treatment of people of color, by not standing for the fucking national anthem, which the last time I checked was still his political ‘right’. Understand now, this NFL quarterback chose not to stand for an old English pub song that, in reality, celebrates this government’s ‘victory’ over a slave uprising around the time of the War of 1812 (see here), and now he is suddenly anathema to most NFL fans.

I haven’t stood for the anthem, nor have I pledged my allegiance to this criminal flag/government, for years now. Nor will I ever again! I was over this public-school indoctrination/brainwashing a long, long time ago. But unfortunately, most Americans remain in this arrested-state of development, a state from which I doubt they will ever escape.

So the next time you hear or read the rose-colored hyperbole, dealing with “the great awakening” or “universal consciousness”, just remember this asinine ‘news’ headline and most American’s response!


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