“Precious Lil Snowflakes: Rutgers Warns Students About ‘Microassaults,’ ‘Microinsults’ & ‘Microinvalidations’”

Image: http://www.thedailysheeple.com And the extremist lunacy continues, unabated, at America's institutions of 'higher learning'. And institutions is the correct word, here, for these ivy-covered asylums of mass mind-control/propaganda: Precious Lil Snowflakes: Rutgers Warns Students About ‘Microassaults,’ ‘Microinsults’ & ‘Microinvalidations’ SEPTEMBER 2, 2016 | MICHAEL KRIEGER | A LIGHTNING WAR FOR LIBERTY Just when you thought … Continue reading “Precious Lil Snowflakes: Rutgers Warns Students About ‘Microassaults,’ ‘Microinsults’ & ‘Microinvalidations’”

“The Republic of Science”

Image: http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net Like everything else it touches, corporate-capitalism has just about destroyed legitimate science. A large percentage of scientists today, are solely concerned with making-it-up-as-they-go fairy tales, which will get them more cash, meaningless awards and fifteen minutes of fame: The Republic of Science Published on Sunday, 28 August 2016 Michael Polanyi's Republic of Science … Continue reading “The Republic of Science”

Dan Sarewitz on Saving Science | Climate Etc.

Image: http://www.australiandoctor.com.au Ultimately, “all the money that was thrown at breast cancer created more problems than success,” Visco says. What seemed to drive many of the scientists was the desire to “get above the fold on the front page of the New York Times,” not to figure out how to end breast cancer. It seemed … Continue reading Dan Sarewitz on Saving Science | Climate Etc.

Relocalization: Opting Out of Corporate Society

The Most Revolutionary Act

Diversidad: A Road Trip to Reconstruct Dinner

Solutionary Pictures (2010)

Film Review

Diversidad tells the story of a 35-day bicycle trip the Sierra Youth Coalition took from Vancouver to Tijuana in 2003. Their goal was to visit West Coast rural farming communities as a prelude to their participation in the 2003 anti-WTO protest in Cancun Mexico.

The goal of the fifth ministerial round of WTO negotiations was to resolve a dispute between developed and developing countries over agricultural trade. North American and Europe hoped to use the WTO to force developing countries to drop all trade barriers that were blocking US and EU agrobusinesses from dumping cheap food on agricultural nations. By 2003, NAFTA*, the precursor to the WTO, had allowed US agrobusiness to put two million Mexican farmers out of work by flooding their markets with cheap corn.

Building Alternatives to the Corporate Economy

The most surprising aspect of…

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Center for a Stateless Society » No, Capitalism Isn’t Making Us All Richer and Richer

Image: http://www.izquotes.com "The things which are most essential to life and basic material security also happen to be the things which capitalists, in alliance with the state, have been most successful at enclosing with artificial property rights and extracting rents from. The landlord monopoly — by which vacant land is engrossed and enclosed and then … Continue reading Center for a Stateless Society » No, Capitalism Isn’t Making Us All Richer and Richer