Big Brother is Alive and Well, and He’s Coming for YOU!


For those who are still choosing to remain blissfully and willfully-ignorantly asleep, here are three major-reasons to wake the hell up and start worrying about what the immediate future holds in store for you, your family and friends:

Number 1:

Orwellian: Feds Spend $500,000 to Tap “Extensive Tracking Infrastructure” to “Combat Online Trolling”

The National Science Foundation has issued two quarter-of-a-million-dollar grants for “Leveraging Personalized Internet Services to Combat Online Trolling.”

The grant defines online trolling as, “scenarios in which various groups deploy tactics to influence public opinion on the Internet, by leaving biased, false, misleading, and inauthentic comments, and then artificially amplifying their ratings,” so you can immediately see where that’s a slippery slope to shutting down free speech and dissent because who decides what is “false, misleading, and inauthentic” online?

The government’s researchers?

Creepier, the grant admits that we are increasingly tracked as our privacy is increasingly going extinct on the Internet, and it is this built-in “extensive tracking infrastructure” that will be tapped to combat trolling online:

Users have often expressed concern about the lack of privacy and control over their personal data. Nonetheless, despite a substantial effort to expose and control this prevalent behavior, the reality is that users keep accepting updated online privacy policies, which in turn grant the gathering of more personal data. This project explores re-using this extensive tracking infrastructure for the benefits of both the users themselves and web services, with a goal of preventing online trolling…

The goal is reportedly to create a “personalization-based counter-trolling system as open-source software.”

Kind of ironic when you think about how much money Hillary has spent amassing her very own online troll army… Then again, the “combat” here will be reserved for dissenters George Orwell style, as per the usual.

Melissa Dykes is a writer, researcher, and analyst for The Daily Sheeple and a co-creator of Truthstream Media with Aaron Dykes, a site that offers teleprompter-free, unscripted analysis of The Matrix we find ourselves living in. Melissa and Aaron also recently launched Revolution of the Method and Informed Dissent. Wake the flock up!

Source: Orwellian: Feds Spend $500,000 to Tap “Extensive Tracking Infrastructure” to “Combat Online Trolling”

Number 2:


Homeland Eyes Special Declaration to Take Charge of Elections

DHS Chief Johnson: Feds May Declare Election System “Critical Infrastructure”
By Paul Bedard
From Washington Examiner

Even before the FBI identified new cyberattacks on two separate state election boards, the Department of Homeland Security began considering declaring the election a critical infrastructure, giving it the same control over security it has over Wall Street and the electric power grid.The latest admissions of attacks could speed up that effort possibly including the upcoming presidential election, according to officials.

“We should carefully consider whether our election system, our election process, is critical infrastructure like the financial sector, like the power grid,” Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said.

“There’s a vital national interest in our election process, so I do think we need to consider whether it should be considered by my department and others critical infrastructure,” he said at a media conference earlier this month hosted by the Christian Science Monitor.

(Hat-tip to Dr. Bramhall)

Source: Homeland eyes special declaration to take charge of elections

Number 3:


ALERT: U.S. CDC Giving Itself Unconstitutional POWERS To Round Up And Detain Citizens En Masse Anytime, Anywhere And Throw Away The Key

By Catherine J. Frompovich

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention literally has overstepped its authority in proposing to grant itself powers that obviously negate any rights U.S. citizens thought they had by issuing the Proposed Rule “Control of Communicable Diseases” on August 15, 2016 wherein CDC will self-invest itself with the power to apprehend healthy people en masse and detain them indefinitely with NO process of appeal!

That mammoth proposed rule is published in the Federal Register [Federal Register Number: 2016-18103] online at this website. Before you read it, I suggest taking a very stiff shot of vodka or scotch, because you won’t believe what you read that is being proposed for what is supposed to be a non-communist country and its people, the USA!

But, the CDC wants to hear your comments about the proposed rule, as if it really cares. Citizens should file your comments at this website before October 14, 2016! Officially, it’s Comment No. CDC-2016-0068-0001.

This proposed CDC rule, in my opinion, is an “end run” or a “Hail Mary pass” around what’s become a nightmare situation in the USA regarding Big Pharma’s ‘sacred cows’—vaccines and vaccinations—which many more healthcare consumers are waking up to being what they actually are: neurotoxic injections damaging children, adults and pets!

In essence, the CDC is creating a police healthcare state, something that was tried in the 1980s when Representative Claude Pepper introduced three infamous bills that got me involved in organizing the country to defeat them, which we did, only now to be facing another round of excessive medical and federal agency over-reach, in my opinion.

What the CDC proposes defies the U.S. Constitution and states Constitutional rights with absolutely NO appeal process. Where is the U.S. Congress, who has oversight of the CDC? However, what should we expect from a do-nothing Congress? Why doesn’t Congress investigate the CDC whistleblower William Thompson, PhD epidemiologist, confession of fraud, deceit and collusion he participated in? Good question?

If this oppressive totalitarian-like proposed rule giving CDC police powers becomes law, kiss your kids goodbye; kiss what you thought you had in life goodbye—your body, which will not belong to you any longer but to the USA via CDC ‘edict’; and expect to be interred in U.S. FEMA camps—something the shadow government and others apparently have been planning for some time.

Just the other day I got notice of FEMA putting out a purchase order request for five million bottles of liter and half-liter size bottle water! What are they ‘expecting’?

What have all the United Nations vehicles moving around the USA been about? [1] How about all the UN ‘mercenary-like’ troops ‘holed up’ in the USA [2]! Are the U.S. military or national guard not sufficient, or won’t they do to American citizens what the controllers want them to do to us? Has the USA relinquished its sovereignty to the United Nations without our knowledge?

Folks, wake up; it’s later than you think!

This proposed rule by the CDC is the ‘icing on the cake’ they apparently have planned, in my opinion, from all the ‘political correctness’ memes they have generated along with all the false flag ‘pandemics’ that really never panned out EXCEPT the apparent current one – Zika, which may become ‘successful’ because of the fearmongering built into it, including poison aerial sprays.

Now, in my opinion and from what I’ve researched, they’ve been able to genetically monkey around with both mosquitoes and a virus to make the ‘perfect storm’ health crisis and the need for a medical police state—all created on purpose, since many of the communicable diseases they are so damn scared of have been around for ages [and the human race survived them], plus I contracted most of them as a child—as did others—and we lived through them. More importantly, our immune systems gained lifelong immunities. That’s how the immune system is ‘exercised’ into becoming a well-functioning biological process, especially when healthful, natural nutrition – not GMO ‘phood’ – is provided.

Here are some quotes from the CDC proposed rule:

“When an apprehension occurs, the individual is not free to leave or discontinue his/her discussion with an HHS/CDC public health or quarantine officer.”

“…the proposed practice to issue Federal orders before a medical examination has taken place.”

“CDC defines precommunicable stage to mean the stage beginning upon an individual’s earliest opportunity for exposure to an infectious agent.”

And this apparent totalitarian ‘gem’ of an agency’s self-proclaimed ‘rite’:

“…(holding that a passenger consents to an airport security search by presenting himself/herself for boarding and that such consent may not be revoked by simply walking away). Thus, in order to protect interstate travel from communicable disease threats, HHS/CDC intends for this section to apply broadly to all circumstances where individuals may queue with other travelers.”

[How about your being nabbed at a local Starbucks, McDonald’s, baseball-basketball-football game, or supermarket? Folks, it’s getting to be more than Orwell ever could have imagined! What are you going to do?]

And here’s what this, in my opinion, is all about: Forced Vaccinations! They have to be forcing these vaccines for some other reason than ‘immunity’ since the toxins in vaccines damage the immune system!

“CDC may enter into an agreement with an individual, upon such terms as the CDC considers to be reasonably necessary, indicating that the individual consents to any of the public health measures authorized under this part, including quarantine, isolation, conditional release, medical examination, hospitalization, vaccination, and treatment: provided that the individual’s consent shall not be considered as a prerequisite to any exercise of any authority under this part.” [CJF emphasis added]

There you have it, folks! Their ‘wet dream’ come true: Taking away informed consent, one of the valid legal bugaboos regarding their illegal and unconstitutional enforcement of vaccinations to attend school or work!

They, for all intents and purposes, are trashing the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights!

And finally, for now, as this is really too much to absorb or take in, especially if you think you are a free citizen of the USA:

“…individuals who violate the terms of the agreement or the terms of the Federal order for quarantine, isolation, or conditional release (even if no agreement is in place between the individual and the government), he or she may be subject to criminal penalties.”

Read More Here:

Source: ALERT: U.S. CDC Giving Itself Unconstitutional POWERS to Round Up and Detain Citizens En Masse Anytime, Anywhere And Throw Away the Key


Here are two more reasons to be worried:

Obama Extends 9/11 “Emergency” War on Terror Powers as US Says Al Qaeda No Longer Target

Latest Computer Game “Orwell” Trains You to Be a Master Spy on Citizens

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  1. Thank you, my friend! The mood of the photo fits me well; alone walking along a deserted beach on a rather dreary day.

    I’ve always been the life of the party!;-)

    I had a few folks on social media telling me they had a hard time reading my posts, because of the way the old theme was set up. So I took about an hour today, and came up with this theme.

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  2. Yes, very readable with this view. The background picture is actually cool! It seems more like a rainy and foggy day – kind of mystery – on the beach more than dreary day, for me. And you’ll never walk alone my dear Earthling friend. We’ll never let you alone:))

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  3. I appreciate this very much, my good friend! Thank you!

    You will never walk alone either, Migo, not as long as there is still life in these old, tired bones!

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  4. Yeap, we walk all together 🙂

    My dear Earthling friend , can you think this extraterrestrial will leave all you alone, especially after came from millions light-year away:) As Nazim Hikmet said : “To live! Like a tree alone and free. Like a forest in brotherhood!”

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  5. I really like the quote from Hikmet. A perfect metaphor for the human condition: an existence that is at once individual and collective, a permanent tension between ‘me’ and ‘us,’ a fact that is not always apparent but always fascinating to contemplate when it emerges into the light of consciousness.

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  6. “Historian Niall Ferguson’s review..”

    …The key point is that the four great social trends of the past half-century–the decline of marriage, of the work ethic, of respect for the law and of religious observance–have affected Fishtown much more than Belmont. As a consequence, the traditional bonds of civil society have atrophied in Fishtown. And that, Murray concludes, is why people there are so very unhappy–and dysfunctional.

    What can be done to reunite these two classes? Murray is dismissive of the standard liberal prescription of higher taxes on the rich and higher spending on the poor. As he points out, there could hardly be a worse moment to try to import the European welfare state, just as that system suffers fiscal collapse in its continent of origin.

    What the country needs is not an even larger federal government but a kind of civic Great Awakening–a return to the republic’s original foundations of family, vocation, community, and faith.”

    I don’t buy into the lie that this system of government and society was ever worth having. I reject all major forms of statist government. I truly am an anarchist, my friend.

    Small self-governing and sustaining communities where the individual can be truly free and yet live in community, and neither capitalism or communism fits this description. Yes, I would take PURE communism, like Marx’s brand, over capitalism, but I would prefer to have neither.

    But I will never live to see it, if it ever happens again. This did exist in Europe, right before feudalism entered the picture. This small form of government flourished in parts of Europe for 300 years.

    Big government of any kind equals control by the power mad few over the weak-willed masses!

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  7. By the way, I haven’t posted much on 9/11 for the last year or so. When I first started blogging, eight years ago (this is my third blog), I read and wrote much about 9/11. So much of this info (not all) I have been privy to before. My old Canadian friend here, got me started on this topic eight years ago. It was apart of my great awakening, I guess.

    But since this is the 15th anniversary, I have bookmarked your three posts and will be reblogging them sometime late in the week.

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  8. I, too, am quite familiar with the content of these posts and the only reason I’m throwing them up is that the anniversary approaches and it will be on people’s minds — and, of course, a lot of people remain ignorant of the actual forensic ‘scientifically grounded facts’pertaining to the event. Furthermore, by going over some of the ground again, I’m reacquainting myself with details that I had actually forgotten. There is, by the way, another post which you might be interested in and that is buried on my blog. Just search for “WTC7 in Freefall: No Longer Controversial.” To my mind this seemingly insignificant detail is actually a slam dunk indictment of the “Official Story.” Anybody with even only a high-school level acquaintance with physics should be able to grasp the significance of 2.5 seconds of ‘free fall’ in this context . . .

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  9. Yes! This system is trickster like an illusion. Someones (minority elites) sell the fairy tales under the name of democracy. And the others buy these tales again under the democracy name. Those, so the others want to feel being important themself. The voting, election and etc, all parts of system are the gears of the whell, if one of them doesn’t support the other gear, system will be collapse. Elites know that and are planning everything over that; that’s why for the minority everything are proper to sell for their purpose.

    And Earthling dostum, while these are happening, on behalf of the opposite idea, people are writing like “how can we correct this system?”. No! There is no way to correct this system. Because this is enough corrupt that can not be corrected. This needs to be destroyed.

    And in this content, for every one of the majority humans should be anarchist:) for feeling strength to destroy of this system. After feeling, even our methots can be different in some points, the communist extraterrestrials want to same thing with yours:) And this thing is not the invading of the planet Earth by extraterrestrials; please any human wouldn’t be worry:))


  10. Absolutely,Norm! This is where the entire lie falls completely apart!

    Yes, it is valuable to keep putting this info out there, for those who still believe the lie.

    But it seems the numbers of official story believers, at least here, have been shrinking. I heard a stat, over a year ago, that claimed 67% of Americans no longer believe the 9/11 report.

    So the truth has been working!


  11. Spot on, my friend. What was destroyed when created cannot be “corrected”! It can only be annihilated and replaced with something that serves all people, and not just the few psychopaths.

    Actually, there is enough room in this world for all of us to set up our communities as we see fit, and without being a threat to each other. All we need to do is first, respect life of all kinds and individual freedom, and second, have an open enough mind not to want to force our will on others.

    This is not impossible, my dostum! But the psychos in charge have convinced many of us that it is impossible. But they are all, every last one of them, criminally insane!

    Thanks, my friend!

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