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Published on Friday, 02 September 2016

“Somewhere in our history, we took a wrong turn and today we are reaping the consequences. If we don’t step back to evaluate the root causes of the rolling economic crises, our civilisation is in danger of collapse.”

The biggest threat to humanity is ourselves. Our belief in, and consent to, authority has shaped the current political economy and we are now approaching the end game.

The biggest hope for reconnecting as human beings has been the internet but internet freedom has been under constant attack ever since the threat it poses to Structural Elite power became evident. Yes, they’ve used it to manipulate people and geopolitics but hitherto we’ve had scope to bypass corrupt institutional hierarchy to gather information and communicate globally.

Loss of anonymity and closing down free speech has been a progressive trend. In the Soviet Union, how did so few manage to instill fear and compliance among so many people? By getting the people to “shop” (inform on) their neighbours. A “brilliant” (sarcasm) new application is taking off (with unidentified government backing) to shop, not only your neighbour but anyone you take a dislike to in the world.

The common interests of “advertising and marketing” and the deep, dark state are leading us into a very dark place. Perhaps Bill Hicks knew what was coming when he told advertising and marketing people in the audience to “kill yourself”, long before the internet took off.

Some people, observing the machinations of the global bankers and moves to shift control of the internet, see a crisis evolving within the next month – whether or not the timescale is accurate, the direction of travel is obvious

Could The Internet Be Set To Be Shut Down On The Eve of Jubilee, October 1st? by Jeff Berwick

But we’ve been suggesting to people all year to get prepared for something as big and catastrophic as the internet being shut down… so hopefully many have made plans to prepare for the worst already.

The internet has opened up understanding and collaboration as never before. We need to replicate that in the real world to rebuild families and communities. Government and authority are not going to save us but together we can build an alternative future and leave their rotten system to collapse.

How to survive collapse

…we have everything we need to create a just and bounteous political economy and it’s within our power to create it. All we need is the understanding and the will to change our behaviour.

Source: Cul-de-sac


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