FYI: New Look to the Same Old, Same Old!


Over the past day, I have had a couple of comments from social media folks telling me that, because of my old theme layout, they were having problems accessing the entirety of my posts.

So I took an hour today, and checked out new themes. I came up with this theme, since it, like the old theme, fits my sojourner image.

Note the box at the top, right hand corner […]: if you click on it, then you will find the search box, new posts, comments and calendar widgets, etc, which were always visible on the right side of the old theme.

Other than that, nothing else had changed. The opinionated, iconoclastic old fart I am and have always been remains unchanged! This falls under the heading, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks!”;-)


4 thoughts on “FYI: New Look to the Same Old, Same Old!”

  1. No, Linda, you are not the only one overwhelmed by these choices. I had to calm myself down enough just to consider changing the theme today.

    And thank you, Linda, your encouragement is much needed and appreciated!

    We are all contributing in this manner, and so supporting each other is very important!

    Thanks again, Linda!


  2. Norm just wrote that he’s going to have to adjust to the new layout. But that he liked it as well.

    No negative responses yet!

    Thanks, my friend!

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