“The Con, Players and the Antidote”

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The Con, Players and the Antidote

Published on Wednesday, 31 August 2016

We are conned from birth and on a daily basis. Why? Because we are seduced into supporting, if only by passive acceptance, crimes against humanity and ourselves. To give a flavour of the con which extends into every aspect of the human condition, here is a 10 minute video explaining the modus operandi used to protect Structural Elite interests – from the Iranian coup in 1953 to Black Lives Matter (BLM) today to overthrow the last vestiges of democracy in the USA on the road to one world government.

Many institutions are complicit in the crime but the most effective tools in the con are media. Which are the most influential media among policy makers and those in power? The Rothschild controlled Economist magazine and the Financial Times (FT), part of the Pearson group, also controlled by Rothschild; and of course the newswire services (AP and Reuters) which feed media around the globe are also under their control.

The Financial Times: Megaphone for Mass Murder by James Petras

The Financial Times editorial page carries a logo that proclaims: “Without fear and without favour”. Indeed the editors have shown no fear when it comes to. . . fabricating lies, promoting imperial wars decimating countries and impoverishing millions, whether in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and now Venezuela. The fearless “Lies of Our Times” have been at the forefront forging pretexts for inciting imperial armies to crush independent governments.

The military-intelligence, media-academic complex (MIMAC), politicians, pundits, corporations etc. play their part in the con which is no surprise but NGOs play a particularly duplicitous role in the Orwellian pantomime of “war for peace”.

After the Failure of the Caesar Photo Hoax, Amnesty Tries Again by Barbara McKenzie

Rarely will Amnesty pass up the chance to sponsor a hoax, whether it be Saddam’s incubator babies, Gaddafi using black mercenaries to kill Libyans, or the Richard Engel scam, if it can be used as an excuse to promote war or crippling sanctions on perceived Western enemies.

The indispensable lever of Structural Elite power is the global banking system, again controlled by Rothschild via the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) in Basel, Switzerland. This article describes how central banking operates for the benefit of the rich but its power to control the world is much more significant.

Central Banks = Welfare for the Wealthy by Charles Hugh Smith

The grudging admission that central bank policies have enriched the rich while failing to benefit the bottom 95% is a breakthrough–the stone wall of denial has finally been pierced.

Banking is a con based on usury: theft of wealth by sleight of hand and double entry book-keeping. Interest on money has created an economic system in which most wealth is siphoned of by the rich by making money from money. Money is not wealth and cannot create wealth; it is a facilitator for transactions and a record of value. Ignorance of the political economy, the reality of which is obscured by contrived complexity and academic complicity in the con, is how the con not only continues but is tacitly supported by everyone.

The antidote to both ignorance and the con is knowledge. Knowledge not just of the political economy but of nature and the universe.

Science, War and Humanity by Dr. Vandana Shiva

The real word is different from the modeled world for obvious reasons. Reality will always be a better ‘map’ of reality than a modeled map of reality, an abstraction. Scire – to know – is then the ability to abandon maps. Knowledge makes maps redundant, no matter the resolution of the projection.
Knowledge also makes fear redundant.

My academic training was in Physics. My fearlessness was a side effect of my acknowledgement of the forces of nature.

Armed with knowledge we can build a political economy which benefits all, rather than just the rich.

Source: The con, players and the antidote