“Fiction, Fairy Tales, And Fiat”

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I have copied but a tiny portion of the following article, since I could care less about the asinine message it is pandering, which is: we the individuals should be experts, when it comes to understanding how this twisted economic-system works.

First: we the individuals are existing in this living hell because of this elite-swine created and operated economic-system. It is this monstrous, convoluted economic-system that has turned our planet into the hellish nightmare it is today.

Second: the asshole economists, like this greed-driven jerk, do not completely understand how this corrupt system works, so how can we the individuals possibly understand it? This is a criminal-system, driven by insane greed, as it was intended to be from its beginnings!

Before I continue, please read the following snippet. Also, click on the author’s name and check out what shows up:

Fiction, Fairy Tales, And Fiat

By Guy Christopher

Do young Americans today know anything about economics?

No, they don’t, according to a study during the 2016 presidential primary season, which says lots of other Americans don’t either.

The survey found 58% of millennials favor government-run socialism (statistically 6 out of 10), while a nearly identical number (64%) don’t want government interference in free markets.

The incompatible findings make no sense, unless… Americans aged 18-24 simply don’t understand the real meanings of either concept.

Sadly, the study says that’s true of one-third of all Americans. Not a clue. The evidence is the large following behind avowed socialist Bernie Sanders during his presidential campaign.

This lack of understanding is concerning, as the implications for individual lives and the nation’s future are significant. Witness the latest failure of socialism in Venezuela, where millions are rebelling against the government-controlled economy driving their lives into the dirt…

Source: Fiction, Fairy Tales, and Fiat

Note that this author exposes his corporate-capitalist pig nature in the last paragraph. Venezuela’s issues aren’t due to socialism. Venezuela’s issues are due to the U.S. Corporation’s hegemonic/imperialist intrusion in almost all of South America. Therefore, capitalism is, as always, the perpetrator here, and not socialism.

This is how your perverse government ‘does business’, Mr and Ms America: the U.S. Corporation sends its covert agencies to infiltrate the government of a selected country and cause economic and civil unrest/chaos. And then the U.S. Corporation sets up one of its own dictator-stooges (“in the name of democracy”), as the selected country’s economic-system and culture continues to deteriorate. And after the U.S. has gotten everything its elite-swine owners and operators wanted from a particular country, then that country is left to rot.

This is the reason why there are millions upon millions of people fleeing their own home countries around the world, and seeking a life elsewhere, where the U.S. Corporation has yet to spread its Zionist-driven, capitalist disease.

Beyond this, there is nothing else for we the individuals to know, or understand, about this economic-system from hell!

2 thoughts on ““Fiction, Fairy Tales, And Fiat”

  1. Yes, I don’t see any contradiction in what Millennials said in that survey. They favour government-run socialism, and they don’t want the government stepping in to save banks and big business from the consequences of their “free market” philosophy. It’s not that hard to understand what’s wrong with the world economy – the problem is big finance creating a complex house of cards within which they can continue to fleece the planet.

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  2. “the problem is big finance creating a complex house of cards within which they can continue to fleece the planet.”

    Absolutely! This what I meant to say but failed!


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