Stratfor Founder: “Be Ready for War”


I’m posting the following article not only because we might be on the verge of a third AND FINAL world war, but because many of the alternative reporters, including the following one, still seem to be rather uninformed, especially when it comes to the massive decline of the American Empire.

Listen up, this is not 1962, and the good old U.S. of A., militarily speaking, ain’t what it used to be. A nuclear war would destroy the world as we know it, but Russia would annihilate the U.S. and NATO before being destroyed. Nuclear war isn’t a football game, in this kind of ‘game’, there are only losers:

Stratfor Founder: “Be Ready for War”


Experts are now saying we’re closer to a “catastrophic and bloody” World War III now than at any other time in the past 60 years.

Via The Sun:

Russia and China, both of which are pumping vast amounts of money into their militaries, could soon rival the US in terms of power and prestige…

All three nations want to remain a global superpower – if not the only one – and are preparing for war, it is claimed.

But they oppose each other on a swathe of issues across the globe, creating a delicate political balance that could collapse and engulf nuclear states and alliances such as NATO. A range of experts have identified several flashpoints across the globe which are today the most likely triggers for such a war.

{Sojourner note: the first sentence in this quote is nothing but red-white-and-blue, “exceptional” bullshit. The U.S. is the biggest spender of money, when it comes to its military and waging war, while Russia has spent much less and gained more advanced, lethal weaponry. In other words, Russia has always been prepared to deal with another U.S./NATO perpetrated world war, and therefore, could most likely blow most of the U.S. of A. right off the map!}

The “flashpoints” are, of course, nations in the Middle East like Syria and also in Ukraine, all destinations where US regime change efforts are continuing to fail, hacking off both Russia and China. And don’t forget the manufactured chest ruffling going on in the South Sea with China’s man-made islands…

George Friendman, founder of geopolitical forecaster STRATFOR, has also warned we should all “be ready for war”:

“There has never been a century that has not had a systemic war — a systemic war, meaning when the entire system convulses.

Do you want to bet this will be the only century that doesn’t have one? I’ll take that bet.

When you have the countries like Germany, China, and Russia decline, and be replaced by others, that’s when systemic wars start. That’s when it gets dangerous, because they haven’t yet reached a balance. So Germany united in 1871 and all hell broke loose. Japan rose in the early 20th century, and then you had chaos.

So we’re looking at a systemic shift. Be ready for war.”

{Sojourner note: this guy has his red-white-and-blue head firmly planted up his capitalism-loving arse! Germany, China, nor Russia, are in “decline”! It is the U.S. and many of the NATO nations (excluding Germany) that are in DECLINE!}

If last night’s ridiculous town hall with Hillary and Trump was any indication, staged on a decommissioned aircraft carrier and set to the tune of “which puppet will drag us into war next!,” Iran is definitely coming up on the West’s military-industrial empire building checklist…

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