“Scientist Group Slams GMO-Pushing Nobel Laureates In Damning Letter”

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After OBOMBER receiving, of all things, the PEACE PRIZE, and now this more than troubling article, perhaps it is time to throw out the Nobel awards and pretend they never existed. From the namesake’s dynamite, to nuclear weapons/power, to GMO poisoned food, it is obvious that the Nobel “laureates” are as owned and operated by the elite-swine as Obama and the other political stooges:

Scientist Group Slams GMO-Pushing Nobel Laureates In Damning Letter

By Brandon Turbeville

In late June 2016, over 100 Nobel laureates signed a letter attacking the environmental organization Green Peace and calling on the group to end their opposition to GMOs.

The letter asks Greenpeace to end its attempt to block golden rice from being introduced into the developing world. “We urge Greenpeace and its supporters to reexamine the experience of farmers and consumers worldwide with crops and foods improved through biotechnology, recognize the findings of authoritative scientific bodies and regulatory agencies, and abandon their campaign against ‘GMOs’ in general and golden rice in particular,” states the letter.

Spearheaded by Richard Roberts, chief scientific officer of New England Biolabs and Phillip Sharp, the 1993 Nobel Prize winner in Physiology and Medicine for the discovery of the genetic sequences known as entrons, the campaign has a website which includes a list of signatories to which it is attempting to add more names.

Roberts told the Washington Post,

We’re scientists. We understand the logic of science. It’s easy to see what Greenpeace is doing is damaging and anti-science. Greenpeace initially, and then some of their allies, deliberately went out of their way to scare people. It was a way for them to raise money for their cause.

Roberts quote alone illustrates the religious nature of what has now become know as “scientism.” This means that there is a set of beliefs which must never be challenged and that there are individuals who represent the authority of these beliefs and who themselves must never be questioned unless they get out of line and go off script. It maintains the same cult-like following where masses of people obsessed with “science” believe what is handed down to them without critical thought and will lash out in righteous indignation at anyone who has dared not to outsource their brain so easily.

In fact, we can easily take Roberts words and put them in the mouth of religious leaders.

We’re pastors. We understand the Bible. It’s easy to see what the gay lobby is doing and how they are damaging society and are anti-Biblical. From the very beginning, the gay lobby has gone out of their way to scare people and it was only a way for them to raise money for their organization.

See how utterly stupid that was?

Or better yet, let’s try one that really get Americans shaking in their boots:

We’re imams. We understand the Quran. It’s easy to see what women’s rights groups are doing and how they are damaging society and stand in opposition to the Quran. From the very beginning, the women’s rights lobby has gone out of their way to scare people and it was only a way for them to raise money for their organization.

Regardless of what you think about the gay lobby and women’s rights, simply stating that you are a pastor or an imam doesn’t really prove anything. It certainly doesn’t solve the argument. Likewise, stating that you are a scientist doesn’t shut down debate on the issue of GMOs. In fact, it doesn’t even mean that your opinion is valid.

But since these scientists would like to pursue the false appeal to authority, we can produce scientists of our own. The Union of Latin American Scientists Committed to Society and Nature (UCCSN-AL) recently released a letter of their own denouncing the one produced by the Nobel laureates.

The scientists stated:

[Transgenesis] cannot be considered an advanced science anymore because it is based on fallacious and anachronistic assumptions. Its defenders have oversimplified the scientific rationale behind GMOs to the point that the technology cannot be considered valid anymore: they have discarded rigorous science. The lack of scientific ground that justifies GMOs is also the reason why its promoters deny complex systems of knowledge, such as indigenous peoples’ cultures and livelihoods. Transgenic technology is the geopolitical instrument for colonial domination of our time.

The UCCSN-AL also points out that GMOs are not necessary to feed the world’s population.

The four GM crops that are marketed massively are mainly intended for the production of biofuels and animal feed for poultry, pork and beef cattle industries: activities that consume more than 65% of the GM corn and soybean produced in the few countries that grow them, a very inefficient system —from an energy point of view —of agricultural production. Around these crops there is an oligopoly of transnational corporations that control the production of seeds and grains; the storage, transportation and marketing of genetically modified commodities; and the mass production of animals, which are increasingly concentrated in fewer hands. In this regard, it is clear that this model does not contribute to the goal of feeding the world, but instead competes with and overpowers traditional food production…

The problem of lack of food is not caused by low production, but by the way the world food system is designed. It has undermined the traditional systems of food production, and therefore nutrition and food sovereignty of peoples.

The scientists also question, as have many others, the claims that GMOs produce higher yields.

We question the promises made by GMOs proponents that these crops would have higher yields. Each of the countries in the Southern Cone where GM soybean is grown has different performance. The highest yields are registered in Brazil and Argentina, where the national agricultural research centres have dedicated many years to conventional breeding of this crop. On the other hand, in Ecuador—, a GM free country, —soybean yields are higher than in Bolivia and Paraguay.

Another example is canola or rapeseed. In Canada (where they mainly use GM seeds), yield averages between 1986 and 2010 were 1,459 kg/ha, whereas in Western Europe, where conventional seeds are used, the average yield in the same period was 3,188 kg/ha.

“Ecosystems are complex and dynamic, involving the interaction of multiple factors,” the group says.

In terms of the risks to human health, UCCSN-AL states:

Scientists who defend the safety of GM crops and food argue that it has been consistently found that GMOs are as safe (or more) than the crops obtained with any other breeding methods; that they do not produce environmental impacts and that even they increase global biodiversity. Despite these statements being repeatedly invoked by GM proponents, they are not backed by serious scientific research, and, moreover, the claims are never referenced”. In contrast, in the last years, scientific evidence supported by independent researchers has grown, showing the environmental and human health problems related with cultivation and consumption of GMOs.

UCCSN-AL also points out the health risks posed to humans of the heavy amounts of herbicide sprayed on herbicide-tolerant crops.

In the analysis of GM crops we must consider the technological package to which these crops are inextricably associated. The majority of GM crops are resistant to herbicides, mainly the questioned glyphosate. In Latin America (the region with the fastest increase of GM crop acreage), the negative impacts on human communities settled in the areas where these crops are grown are undoubted.

In the last decade, the health conditions of these populations has been depressed, there has been a significant increase of cancer, congenital malformations, genetic damage, autoimmune diseases and other health issues, associated with the pesticides and the practices that are part of the technological package of GM cultivation. It is clear that to evaluate the impacts of this technology it is impossible to analyse GM seeds individually when the main genetic modification is to make the plant resistant to a herbicide. In the environment it has been shown that water bodies are contaminated and that pollinators are declining, as well as other beneficial species that ensure the health of the soil and the local biodiversity.

Furthermore, there are millions of hectares planted with GM seeds containing a gene that allows them to synthesize the Bt toxin, an insecticide that is produced in the GM plant, which has been incorporated to control Lepidoptera larvae. However, it has been shown that this toxin indiscriminately affects different species of insects, reducing their biodiversity and damaging human health of those who are in contact with the toxin.

“Every day there is more medical, scientific and agronomic evidence showing the impacts, risks, and uncertainties of this irrational model of production, both for the health of rural workers, peasants and farmers, as well as for these rural residents and consumers of foods produced with this technology,” the scientists add…

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