The “Look Up Experiment”: Kids So Obliviously Lost in Their iPads, Their Families Were Swapped at Dinner Without Them Noticing


The following video takes an almost comical approach to this subject, but there is not one thing I find amusing about this subject.

We are raising up generation after generation of illiterate, culturally/artistically dead nincompoops who cannot carry on an intelligent conversation (or intelligent anything) with another human being, and by conversation, I do not mean abbreviated text-messaging with two thumbs:

The “Look Up Experiment”: Kids So Obliviously Lost in Their iPads, Their Families Were Swapped at Dinner Without Them Noticing


Wow. This says a lot about the Brave New World we are steadily marching into these days.

This “experiment” is an ad for the yet-to-be-released Dolmio Pepper Hacker, a sneaky gadget that looks like a harmless pepper grinder but actually cuts the WIFI signals at the dinner table so parents can bring their tech addicted children back to reality.

In the video below, they set up several tuned out elementary age kids obliviously playing games on their iPads and other devices at the dinner table by changing up the room’s decor around them and finally, swapping out their own parents and siblings with completely different people dressed similarly… all without the children noticing what was happening around them.

When the WIFI was cut, the kids finally looked up and realized they were in a strange new environment surrounded by total strangers.


This is how obliviously lost in the Matrix the youngest generations in our tech addicted society are.

Contributed by Melissa Dykes of The Daily Sheeple.

Source: The “Look Up Experiment”: Kids So Obliviously Lost in Their iPads, Their Families Were Swapped at Dinner Without Them Noticing — Watch | The Daily Sheeple


10 thoughts on “The “Look Up Experiment”: Kids So Obliviously Lost in Their iPads, Their Families Were Swapped at Dinner Without Them Noticing”

  1. At the future, humans will become more addict to these machines, that’s why the humankind will be a shape like that:
    -long hand fingers,
    -short legs,
    -brain stem will grow(because of eyes will use more than todays, and brain stem ensures eyes coordination with motor functions)
    -when brain steam will grow humans will feel more pain, heat and touch sense, because brain steam is using for transferring these also.
    -with these effect the neck of human will be very short more than today’s, because the long neck cannot carry
    – due to inactivity humankind will be very fat, also I guess, every 1 people of 2 people will be under the heart attack danger.

    And the list goes on:)

    The first things with little bit anatomy researching these are came out my mind. I am wondering do these children know that their grand children will like unhealthy mutants like I described up:)

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  2. I wonder, my friend, but I doubt it.

    It’s the lack of artistic and cultural sense and taste, as well as the inability to communicate effectively, that troubles me the most. Yes, American “culture” has rubbed off on Europeans and Asians, but Europeans and Asians are still well educated and thus intellectually, culturally and artistically aware, whereas the America x, y and millennial gens are numskulls, and that is being polite!

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  3. Actually it depends on the person as individual like in everywhere at east. I don’t know exactly how European educating, but yes, their artistic style is high:)) Already you know there is no good education on this planet anymore. There is only to teach how become an intermediate staff to the companies.

    Also, as far I know best educated people occur from Indian people at east. But you know, many of them goes to the European countries or US.

    And this is the same here, majority of x,y and z (and whatever they are) generations are numskulls in here. Even they are so much stupid that I am afraid, if their brains would be opened, I can meet cottage cheese instead of their brains.:)

    But there is a minorty inside them, and they are so bright! And I am sure in every where on the planet, there are the ones like them. They are the hope of the humankind!

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  4. Yes, you are right! There is a minority here as well, who see through all this crap, and who love culture, art and learning. But they truly are a minority, my friend!

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