Photographs That Capture The Reality Of Millions Of Americans Living In Extreme Poverty (15 pics)

Finding Truth In an Illusory World


Danish Joakim Eskildsen photographer spent about 7 months working on this project. He spent all this time with poor people from different cities in America documenting their everyday life.

Terry Fitzpatrick (pictured) lives with his girlfriend in a tent near a shopping plaza in Athens, Georgia to get his ‘peace and quiet’ away from other homeless people in the city. He considers himself a ‘city camper’ instead and hoped to move forward with his life after his mother’s death

Kate Three Legs left the abusive father of her children to live with her mom, sister and their kids. She was getting a pregnancy check up when the family’s trailer burnt down, destroying everything they owned. The Federal Emergency Management Agency sells condemned trailers to Native Americans to solve the housing shortage

Darlene Rosas, who was trained as a nurse, could no longer work after she was injured and disabled…

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