Russia’s Zakharova Invites US’s Power to Visit Syria to Learn ‘Shame’ Meaning

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The US ambassador to the UN Samantha Power had claimed that the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs “should be ashamed” for accusing the United States of defending the Islamic State. The reply to her came from Russia’s Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova.

The invitation message was posted by Maria Zakharova on Power’s Facebook page, as a comment under the US diplomat’s statement where she claimed Zakharova should be ashamed of the comments on Washington purported cooperation with the ISIL, TASS reported.

“Dear Samantha Power, in order to learn the meaning of word ‘shame’ I would advise you to visit Syria and meet people there,” Zakharova wrote.

“Not with al-Nusra Front (now, renamed as Fatah al-Sham Front), nor with the moderate opposition, nor about delivery of humanitarian aid for which Washington is worried so much, not with those living in the West who are so concerned about the prosperous future for…

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21 thoughts on “Russia’s Zakharova Invites US’s Power to Visit Syria to Learn ‘Shame’ Meaning

  1. Hello!!! Zakharov sth doesn’t mean sugar? Nice name for being the spokeperson… I don’t think that US have to go in Russia to learn what it means war, they invented modern war and they are the money machine that supplies arms and terror for the good of capitalism… horror movie 2016

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  2. I could not agree more! I thought the same thing.

    But I don’t believe Zakharov is being literal here. I think he is pointing out that the US is the war machine and should take responsibility for its heinous crimes against the Syrian people, as well as the other peoples of the middle east.

    But I could be wrong?

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  3. “Сахар” meaning is sugar, “Захар” word which is inside Захаровой ( Zakharovoy) name is not. But both them has similar sound:

    Сахар- sakhar

    Захар- zakhar


    And do you know the US government is looking for a new base for army, and one of the choices could be for this, the British Royal Air Force base Akrotiri at Cyprus?

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  4. I have to check 🙂 it could be very instable to put also US army here. They have a big base in Souda in Creta. Cyprus is not a member of NATO it will not be easy, anti-us feeling is strong since Kissinger planned junta and turkish invasion at the same time for geopolitical cold war reasons.

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  5. I think Hillary will be next president. This is kind of show of US politicians and elites, and I think the time comes for a female president. They spend all different alternatives. Trump and the people like Trump have been always, like Bush and Reagan. But Hillary as a female can be usefull for their goals.

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  6. My friend, anyone the elite put in office is useful to them, or he/she will be assassinated!

    Hillary is not only the worst of the worst, she is also ill to the point of not making it through one term. And Donald is a moron!

    Don’t be surprised, I am telling you, if Obama is crowned the first emperor of the American empire!

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  7. Yes, US army did this. I think they try to provoke to the people at the region. Already US elites do have win-win situation in Syria. They give the credits for YPG, the other side they give credits for FSA that fights against YPG, the other side they give credits ISID which fights against everyone. If any of them would be winner, USA elites and Israel elites will win. They only don’t support to the Assad Syria Army.

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  8. As is always the case. The Rothschild klan, to name just one of the elite pig biggies, has behind every war since Napoleon.

    “All wars are banker’s wars!”

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