Join the #NoLameDuckUprising Nov 12-13

The Most Revolutionary Act

We are planning our strategy for the fall, we need to know:

Are you in?

Dear Corporate Greed Resisters,

As we speak, the White House is preparing Congress to pass legislation that would ratify the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) during the coming Lame Duck session. Just last week, Obama insisted that the ratification of the TPP in Congress will “get done,” as he marketed the anti-democratic agreement in Vietnam.

That is why this November, we are launching the #NoLameDuckUprising!

We need thousands to join us as we make the TPP impossible for Congress to pass.

The #NoLameDuck Uprising begins on Nov. 12-13 with an action camp in Washington, DC. We will use the first days of the Lame Duck session to mobilize thousands of people for actions in DC from Nov. 14-17.We will bring the resistance back home between Nov. 21-23 when folks from every corner of the country…

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