POTUS 2016: Willfully-Ignorant & Totally-Whipped American-Sheep Getting Exactly What They Deserve!

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By the way, the answer to the question, in the image above, is a resounding YES!

“We the people” have sat on our big-fat, self-actualized, “exceptional” asses, for the last two-hundred-plus years, while the low-life swine who created this curse on the world have done as they please, when they please, and how they please. “We the people” have blindly and lackadaisically continued to give our consent to a government that, from its inception, was never created to REPRESENT/SERVE or PROTECT any of us. We have continued to blindly and lackadaisically give away our precious consent, our universal freedoms, to a government that was, IN THE BEGINNING, created “of, by and for” a few inbred psychopaths whose ancestors still rule over us today.

So these two low-life stooge-assholes (Hillary and Donnie) are the end result of our ancestors and us needing to have a nanny/police state that would protect us from all those bad people in the world who don’t love Jesus, capitalism and Wall Street. And now “we the people” are reaping exactly what we and our ancestors have been sowing for all of this time, we are getting what we deserve:

“We [Americans] don’t always get what we want, but we almost always get what we deserve!” Author Unknown

And guess what, Mr and Ms America? It is too late to change anything, since this political/economic system from hell is functioning/operating exactly as it was intended from the beginning. This system of government/economics is not broken, no more than our schools and society/culture are broken. Everything we are experiencing, today, is exactly as it was always intended to be: wealth and power to the few, while the disenfranchise many suffer and die!

Clinton-Trump Debate: A Degrading Spectacle.

Not the slightest intellectual substance or reasoned political content

By Patrick Martin

The first debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was a political and cultural abomination. It demonstrated, in both style and substance, the thoroughgoing decay of American capitalist society over many decades.

It says a great deal about the US political system that, out of 330 million people in America, the choice for president has been narrowed down to these two individuals, both members of the financial aristocracy—they last met face-to-face when the Clintons attended Trump’s third wedding in 2005—and both deeply and deservedly hated by a large majority of the population.

There was not the slightest intellectual substance or reasoned political content to the so-called “debate.” No topic was addressed with either intelligence or honesty. Both candidates lied without effort or shame, slinging insults and prepared one-liners against each other while posturing as advocates of working people.

The capitalist two-party system in America has never put a premium on intelligence or truth. It has always been based on politicians who represent the interests of a narrow stratum at the top of society, while pretending to speak for all of the people. But by 2016, this pretense has lost all credibility…

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Source: Clinton-Trump Debate: A Degrading Spectacle. | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

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