We are All Responsible for the Mess this World is in, not just Americans!

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In response to the quote above: well we Americans might not be hated by the rest of you, but it seems like the rest of you believe it is our sole responsibility to fix or overthrow this monstrosity of a government. And this is especially true for most Europeans, whom, by the way, are as responsible for the U.S. Corporation’s existence as “we the people” are, or perhaps, even more so!

I left the following note on a post today, and since people rarely read the entire articles I and others post, I thought I would take my note and expand upon it a bit.

Here is the note I wrote:

…Americans have been around for less that two-hundred and fifty years, and so they are the culmination of all the ancient cultures that, if were in their shoes now, would be no different, nor better. The U.S. Corporation is the evil-empire in charge at the moment, but this virulent disease Americans have become is something that all the rest of you carried around for millennia and passed on to them: Americans are the result of all of you and your complacent, compliant natures/cultures/governments/religions! Americans are simply doing what the rest of humanity has been doing for eons now. The only difference being, is that what the U.S. Corporation perpetrates, now, effects the entire planet. All of us are responsible for the pathetic state of this world, especially those of us who exist in the so-called developed, civilized nations, and not just Americans, their parents, grandparents, friends and neighbors. We have all allowed a minority of psychopaths to rule over us and the planet, and we are always looking for a scapegoat to pin our heinous crimes on! Personally, I am sick and tired of being your scapegoat, since I, as with most other Americans, have benefited very little from living in this hell hole, which all the rest of you have helped to create!

As an old 1980’s hit states:

“We didn’t start the fire!”

Have we Americans, and our ancestors, helped to stoke and keep this fire blazing, with our complacent and compliant natures? Yes, we most certainly have, just like most of the rest of you. And I am not including, here, the disenfranchised, tortured, harassed and mass-murdered peoples of what are referred to, today, as the “third world nations.” I am referring to all of us whose governments, whether in league with or opposed to each other, have aided a tiny, tiny minority of psychopaths in conquering and ruling humanity and the planet. And this horrendous travesty, this massive crime against humanity and the planet, didn’t just start two-hundred and forty years ago, with the signing of the so-called declaration of independence. Nope! NOT AT ALL! This shit has been going on for eons now: in Asia, the middle east and Europe. The U.S. Corporation is the new kid on the block, and this new kid is being used, by the ancient psychopaths of Europe, the middle east and Asia, to do their bidding worldwide.

We Americans didn’t start this fire, but just like the rest of you, we have sat by and stoked this fire with our complacent and compliant natures. All of our governments are a vital part of this hell the U.S. Corporation has been selected to raise around the planet. Again, I am not referring to those peoples in the “third world nations”, I am referring to those of us whose governments are controlled by this ancient cabal of psychopaths, and you know who you are! So it is our collective responsibility to overthrow this ancient evil!

But I have little faith that this collective overthrow will ever come, since we (all of us) have been programmed for far too long to be obedient members of a massive, divided herd of cattle. And cattle, as we all should know by now, go quietly to the slaughterhouse!


2 thoughts on “We are All Responsible for the Mess this World is in, not just Americans!

  1. Well I’m not sure I agree about who’s to blame. It seems whenever another country elects a government that tries to change things, the US does its best to oust them, by force, subversion or economic destabilisation – and they reward totalitarian regimes that persecute their own people but serve US interests. I agree with your point that the Brits did the same – but there wasn’t any kind of democratic process in place when they were at their worst.

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  2. Neither is there one here! This government is one of the biggest frauds perpetrated on a people. We have never been represented.

    I am not defending this government, I am saying Americans are at the mercy of their government just like Europeans and others. And at this moment, like the others, Americans are too asleep or cowardly to do anything about it


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