“14-Year-Old Child on Free Lunch Program Arrested, Charged, Standing Trial for $.65 Milk”

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HOW LONG are we going to put up with this totalitarian bullshit?

HOW LONG are we going to allow our children to be physically, mentally and emotionally molested and murdered, in and out of school, by this Zionist-swine nanny/police-state?

14-Year-Old Child On Free Lunch Program Arrested, Charged, Standing Trial For $.65 Milk

By Claire Bernish

Now that a police state is all-but officially upon us, a 65-cent carton of milk can be cause enough for arrest and criminal prosecution — even at 14 years of age, and even when that milk should have been free in the first place.

Virginia teen, Ryan Turk, forgot to grab the carton of milk, included in the free lunch program he receives, the first time he made his way through the Graham Middle School cafeteria line on May 10 — so he doubled back to grab it.

Ryan’s forgetful moment turned into an unforgettable lesson in government gone awry.

A school resource officer saw the teen cutting in line and assumed he’d stolen the milk — and accused him of concealing the carton. In defiance, the teen threw the carton back. When Ryan refused the officer’s orders to see the principal, and remained uncooperative, he was arrested, cuffed, and charged with disorderly conduct and petit larceny.

Over a 65-cent carton of — free lunch program — milk. In a middle school cafeteria. In 2016. Have we really come to this?

Ryan, who insists he did nothing wrong, refused an offer of punishment not involving the court system, and, defying all rationality, now has a court date for November set by a Prince William County judge last week, the Washington Post reported — just days after he turns 15.

Shamise Turk, the teen’s mother, also asserts her son did nothing wrong by grabbing the milk carton since it should have been included with the free lunch.

Emmett Robinson, an attorney representing the family, says this is a case of targeting and racial discrimination — and that Ryan, who is black, refused to obey the school resource officer because he’d done nothing wrong.

“No one needs to be punished for stealing a 65-cent carton of milk,” Robinson told the Post. “This officer treats kids like they’re criminals, and guess what happens — they’re going to become criminals.”

Source: 14-Year-Old Child on Free Lunch Program Arrested, Charged, Standing Trial for $.65 Milk


None of these storm-trooper perpetrated crimes against children/humanity are new. These storm-trooper perpetrated crimes against children/humanity have been going on for as long as this piece of shit government has been in existence. It’s just that now everyone is armed with a camera and looking for the next storm-trooper to catch in the heinous act!

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