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This article deals primarily with England, but the subject matter is relevant to all the rest of us as well:


Published on Saturday, 01 October 2016

How do you stifle debate about Israel’s crimes or Rothschilds’ power? Shout “Anti-Semite” long and loud. Rinse and repeat.

Israel is run mainly by cuckoos in the Jewish nest – not Semites but descendants of Ashkenazi converts to Judaism, as are the Rothschilds. There is little overt anti-Semitism compared to the prejudices and insults directed at other cultures, races, ethnic groups or religions, not least because people are terrified of being labelled “anti-Semite”

If you are pro-Palistinian, you are pro-Semite. Palestinians are Semites – it is logical nonsense to call those who are concerned about Zionists controlling the levers of power “anti-Semite”.

Corbyn and his supporters have been hounded with accusations of “anti-Semitism” by opponents and across the media but both media and Westminster are largely in Israel’s pockets. Corbyn has been a steadfast supporter of the Palestinians, openly discussing Israel’s crimes. That’s why he comes under constant attack.

How the manufactured anti-Semitism crisis is destroying UK Labour by Francis Carr Begbie

In order to comprehend the civil war in one of the West’s oldest centre-left parties you have to know two things that must never be openly admitted. The first is that the entire row has been over an anti-Semitism crisis that was clearly manufactured.

The second point is that the real reason for the dispute; the party’s future as a vehicle for Jewish political power in Britain and reliable friend of Israel, must never be openly discussed at all.

Gilad Atzmon highlights the confusion surrounding our perceptions and the way Jewish exceptionalism is embedded within the UK establishment.

Jewish Bigotry on Speed? Just Check Out Rabbi Jonathan Sacks by Gilad Atzmon

Last week, Britain’s veteran chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks lectured to the European Parliament on antisemitism. The rabbi’s mission was to define antisemitism, but instead he just demonstrated some of the most problematic symptoms of Jewish supremacy, tribal arrogance and even crude Goy-hatred. Unwittingly, the rabbi didn’t make the Jews look too good.

The point is that Judaism, like many other ideologies, has been hijacked to concentrate power within the hands of the few. The answer is not to attack the ideology or those subscribing to it but to remove the levers of power which make it potent and divisive.

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