“Dangerous Thinking”

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Dangerous Thinking

Published on Sunday, 02 October 2016

“Dangerous thinking” is essential for our survival and freedom. If we aren’t prepared to think and express thoughts which challenge mainstream “groupthink”, we will be swept along on the tide towards WWIII and worse.

Thinking Dangerously in the Age of Normalized Ignorance by Henry Giroux

What happens to a society when thinking is eviscerated and is disdained in favor of raw emotion? [1] What happens when political discourse functions as a bunker rather than a bridge? What happens when the spheres of morality and spirituality give way to the naked instrumentalism of a savage market rationality? What happens when time becomes a burden for most people and surviving becomes more crucial than trying to lead a life with dignity? What happens when domestic terrorism, disposability, and social death become the new signposts and defining features of a society? What happens to a social order ruled by an “economics of contempt” that blames the poor for their condition and wallows in a culture of shaming?[2] What happens when loneliness and isolation become the preferred modes of sociality? What happens to a polity when it retreats into private silos and is no longer able to connect personal suffering with larger social issues? What happens to thinking when a society is addicted to speed and over-stimulation? What happens to a country when the presiding principles of a society are violence and ignorance? What happens is that democracy withers not just as an ideal but also as a reality, and individual and social agency become weaponized as part of the larger spectacle and matrix of violence?[3]

Acceptance of lies at face value has serious consequences: lies took us into two world wars in the 20th century. Lies took America into Vietnam, lies took the US and NATO into Afghanistan, lies took us into Iraq, lies took us into Libya and lies about Aleppo are taking us to war with Russia and who know where that may lead?

BBC and the rest of the media would have us believe that Russia, Putin and Assad are massacring civilians in Aleppo. The reality is that the NATO backed rebels are the biggest threat to civilians in Syria. 90% of the displaced people (7million) have gone into government areas for protection and refuge; those that remain are either the families of the anti-Assad (80% Nusra Front) forces or hostages held by rebel forces.

So don’t just think dangerously; talk dangerously; challenge the intellectually bankrupt refrain that Putin and Assad are the bogeymen. The real culprits, pulling the levers of power, are seldom seen but their power is omnipresent… until we withdraw our consent. Refuse to accept the lies and be treated like dumb animals. All wars are banksters wars.

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