“Anarchy Simply Means No Ruler.”

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The State (government) is only capable of producing chaos, as we should all know by now, if we are not brain dead.

Anarchy (Anarchism), on the other hand, is simply the absence of the State, the absence of chaos, and the rising, once again, of the individual, inside or outside of the collective:

In a moving river nothing can ever be set in stone

Published on Sunday, 09 October 2016

The word “anarchy” conjures up images of chaos and violence. The misappropriation of words and corrupting their meaning to discredit them is commonplace – the academic and media complex is controlled by those whose power is threatened by dangerous thinking.

*Anarchy simply means No Ruler. But in practice anarchy entails much more and requires self-organisation, collaboration and co-creation within famiiles, communities, regions, nations and across the world.

Non-hierarchical organisation can take many forms to account for different cultures and circumstances but needs to adhere to three fundamental principles:

* No ruler, ie. no institutionalised hierarchy
* Sharing the value of the commons
* Prohibition of usury

Visions of a non-heirarchical world need to be explored and discussed. Here is one perspective:

In a moving river nothing can ever be set in stone: A letter for insurgent dreamers by Scott Crow

“The one thing that doesn’t abide by majority rule is a person’s conscience.” – Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird

Withdrawing consent to be subject to criminal abuse by the current political economy requires disengaging where possible from the system. A major step is to reject the misdirection and misappropriation of language and symbols that enslave us. The word “anarchy” shouldn’t make us fill our pants in fear.

Let’s talk anarchy.

Source: In a moving river nothing can ever be set in stone


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