“Emergency – From Strangers to Neighbors”

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Voices from the Margins

The following video, filmed in late September in 2015, presents a fascinating perspective of the challenges a German community, Zahrensdorf, faced to set up a welcoming reception camp for refugees from Syria, Iraq and many other nations. I’m sharing the video here because it captures a crucial story that isn’t conveyed by mainstream media. The magnitude of the challenges refugees and German communities are facing is overwhelming. The ultimate message of the video is both heartbreaking and hopeful.

NOTAUFNAHME LANG EN AR (Emergency – From Strangers to Neighbors)
from Basthorster FilmmanufakturVimeo PLUS – 1 week ago

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3 thoughts on ““Emergency – From Strangers to Neighbors”

  1. My pleasure, Carol! It broke my heart, and at the same time, gave me hope, just as you said.

    My mother was of pure German ancestry. And she was the most loving, compassionate person I have known.

    And when I toured Europe in the late 1970s, I found the German people to be just like my mother.

    So this video touched me in more ways than just one!

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