“Voting for the Slavemaster”

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Read. Listen. Weep. Adjust. Seek. Learn. Change. If, that is, you ever truly want to be free from this brand of hypocritical tyranny, which you, in great error, still refer to as freedom?

Voting for the Slavemaster

Published on Monday, 10 October 2016

James Corbett’s last word on voting is timeless and applicable to any so called democracy. Contrary to the illusion, the result is never government for the people, by the people but enslavement of the people for benefit of those in power.

Imagining a world without government is akin to our being brought up in prison from birth but trying to understand the world outside the prison walls. Worse because we’re fed lies and misinformation as to what really exists outside the prison walls.

If we need to rely on ourselves and others to collaborate and co-create a new political economy, how do we overcome the barriers (cultural and ideological) between us? Through understanding and empathy.

“To love without knowing how to love wounds the person we love.”

…one must make an active commitment not to succumb to the Western pathology of cynicism, our flawed self-protection mechanism that readily dismisses anything sincere and true as simplistic or naïve — even if, or precisely because, we know that all real truth and sincerity are simple by virtue of being true and sincere.

The only obstacles to transformation of the human experience are our learned, cherished beliefs; a new world of possibilities is awaiting us, if we’re prepared to abandon them – especially belief in “authority” and government.

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