“No Memory, No Cojones!”

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No Memory, No Cojones!

Published on Thursday, 13 October 2016

Cast your mind back to the run up to the destruction of Libya based on lies and lies on lies. What was the phrase? “Responsibility to Protect” (R2P). Who did we “protect”? No-one; we killed, maimed and destroyed a country, allegedly to avoid a massacre in Benghazi which, surprise, surprise, was an Al Qaeda stronghold as parts of Aleppo are held by ISIS today. The proposed “no fly zone” is to save NATO’s terrorist wing (ISIS) not the people of Aleppo, most of whom have fled to the protection of the Syrian government.

After the “no fly zone” over Libya was sanctioned by the UN, one of the most prosperous and egalitarian countries in the region was destroyed into a bloodbath which continues today and fuels the conflict in Syria. Whose “special forces” were on the ground sowing chaos? The NATO mafia. including the UK.

Britain And France Prepare Military Escalation In Syria by Robert Stevens

Britain’s ruling elite are making advanced preparations towards a major escalation of military operations in Syria.

Parliament met in an emergency three-hour session yesterday to accuse Russia of war crimes in Syria and lay the basis for Britain’s involvement in establishing a no-fly zone and possibly sending ground forces into the war-torn country.

Fast forward to today and we are seeing history repeat itself while Corbynistas and Stop the War Coalition refuse to confront the truth. Lies started two world wars and will start a third unless we show some backbone to confront the lies with truth.

The BBC continues to spread lies and deceit – NATO facilitated the chemical attacks in Aleppo with BBC complicity. The bogeyman is not Assad or Putin but us because we refuse to confront the truth and take power from the lunatics who’ve take charge of the asylum.

STWC could be a force for peace

No doubt, there will be some inspiring speakers condemning the arms industry, the West’s belligerence against sovereign states and demonisation of Muslims but the truth of the wars of the 21st century will NOT be confronted. The only way to stop this perpetual war is to discuss the true drivers of conflict around the world. Only truth can bring peace.

If you’re antiwar: think, remember and FFS grow some! Your “leaders” had them removed long ago.

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