American Storm-Troopers: You’re Ripped-Off Tax-Dollars at Work!


Read the following article, and then wake up to the fact that the low-life storm-trooper exists on your dime, Mr and Ms America. These psycho storm-troopers are paid (“your tax dollars at work”) to harass, beat, rip-off (“fines”), arrest, torture and murder you, “IN THE NAME OF THE LAW”. And the more these fiends commit these atrocities against you and me, the more rewarded they are.

Mr and Ms America, you are simply being forced/coerced to pay taxes (extortion), so you can then be held captive, harassed, or even murdered, by those you have been brainwashed to believe exist solely to “protect and serve” you.

Sadly, it has become more than evident, no matter the evidence presented, that the majority of Americans, the vast wandering herd, are not going to do a damn thing to stop this blatant crime against humanity.

Police Dept Busted For Contest To See Who Could Extort The Most Drivers And Arrest The Most People

By Claire Bernish

Effectively annihilating law enforcement claims writing tickets and arresting people are matters of public safety, a Florida police department has been caught red-handed holding a contest offering a “reward” to the officer who generated the most citations and arrests.

Last month, as an internal memo obtained by Channel 9 revealed, the Winter Springs Police Department held this reward-based citation-production contest, likely to generate a bit of extra revenue by commandeering people as often as possible through legal state extortion.

Winter Springs police insisted in a statement to Channel 9 the memorandum was “meant to promote teamwork and camaraderie,” and should not be equated with any sort of “quota” system.

As Channel 9 reported,

More than 100 citations, warnings and arrests were made during the weekend of Sept. 10. A handwritten memo titled ‘Delta Shift Weekend Competition’ offered ‘points’ for everything from a written warning to DUI arrests that weekend. The ‘winner’ would get to float for a pay period and also a ‘surprise.’

Jeff Lotter, a former Orange County Sheriff’s deputy and a Florida Highway Patrol trooper who now works as a traffic attorney, admitted to the station officer discretion would likely be affected by the promise of a reward.

“I think a quota has a negative connotation: Meet this standard or you’re punished,” Lotter explained. “This is the inverse of that. The winner gets a reward, but it has the same effect.”

Quotas are, in fact, illegal in the State of Florida — but are often imposed in surreptitious methods to ensure ‘productivity’ and, as mentioned, increased revenue for a department…

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Source: Police Dept Busted for Contest to See Who Could Extort the Most Drivers and Arrest the Most People


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