“We Live In A Time Where Each Individual Has Immense Power”

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As the collective should be of great importance to the individual, so the individual should be of great importance to the collective, it’s a “two way street”: if the individual does not seek, first, the good of the collective, if the individual refuses to place the other individuals’ welfare above his or her own, then the collective will suffer. And in the same manner, if the collective does not seek the good of each individual member in the collective, then all the individual members in the collective will suffer; and sooner or later, there will no longer be a collective.

We are, first and foremost, individuals, and so what we bring to the table, individually, is of vital importance to the collective, just as the collective can be of vital importance to the individual. This is why the individual member of the collective should never be stifled (by the collective) from being whom he or she was made to be.

What I am attempting to explain here, can be witnessed in what is happening with the people standing against the Dakota Access Pipeline, and the individual in the following article. These people, no matter the cost to them, are using their individual abilities to seek the good of the collective:

We Live In A Time Where Each Individual Has Immense Power

By Vin Armani

“When truth tellers become the enemy of the state, the state has become the enemy of everyone.” You know the state is in trouble when they’re afraid of one man with an Internet connection. The case of Julian Assange demonstrates how much power an individual has to effect change in the world by living to higher principles. Vin Armani explains how powerful you are.

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Source: We Live In A Time Where Each Individual Has Immense Power