Too Bad, Too Sad: A Vote for Stein is “A Waste of Time”/”A Vote for Trump”


I have spewed forth my utter disgust, my seething hatred, for Bad-Hair-Day Donnie and CFR/Kissinger-Sucking Hillary, so now, in order to be fair, I will pay the tiniest bit of attention to Jill (the Corporate-Shill) Stein. I’ve used the term corporate-shill, since Stein is as much a tool of the structural-elite as Hillary or Donnie.

Green-Behind-the-Gills Jill, like Donnie, is evidently not the chosen one this time, nor will she ever be, as far as I am concerned. The continents will have long since been deluged once again, as a result of Jill’s and Al’s so-called “global warming”, before Jill will ever have the chance to set up shop in the oval office.

You see, unlike Hillary, Jill is evidently blowing the wrong power brokers. And like Donnie, Jill has been manufactured so the elite-swine could screw with this every four year farce even more so than they have before. Jill is political fools’ gold, just like Bad-Hair-Day Donnie: Jill gives the suckers out there (“one born every minute”) the illusion that they still have a choice in this election scam, that they still have some political control over what happens to them. Jill is a decoy, and like Donnie, Jill has evidently done a great job of acting as a decoy, since her DUCKS-IN-A-ROW are quacking furiously right now, just like their Donald DUCK counterparts.

And according to some political ‘analysts’, a vote for Jill Stein is a “waste of time”, a “vote for Donald Trump”:

Voting Johnson or Stein? He [Trump] Benefits

Protest votes for Gary Johnson or Jill Stein amount to votes for Donald Trump.

A Vote for Gary Johnson or Jill Stein Is a Vote for Donald Trump | Op Ed | US News

Your Vote for Jill Stein Is a Wasted Vote

If you want to join a party that has no chance of effecting progressive change, the Greens are for you!

Your Vote for Jill Stein Is a Wasted Vote | The Nation

So who benefits from this? The beneficiaries of this manipulation, this fraud on “we the people”, are the elite-swines’ new ace-in-the-hole, Hillary Clinton, and the elite-swine themselves.

And yet, with all the evidence showing this election is rigged, there are still many of you who just can’t break the old [almost religious] habit of voting, the old habit of supporting (giving validity to) this corrupt/criminal system of politics/government, in hopes that somehow, in some way, it will get better:

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Albert Einstein

Read more at:

When the hell are you self-proclaimed ‘geniuses’, on ‘the left’, ever going to escape your addiction to this political system from hell? Day and night, I hear your words, and I read what you write, and you slam this government all to hell and back. And then, when this every-four-year-farce bell goes off, you salivate like Pavlov’s pooch and go running to the voting machines. You yada, yada, yada about not supporting this and that, because it aids this elite-swine owned and operated government, and then you turn right around and support the very head of this horrific beast by taking part in its bullshit political system/voting ritual.

Go ahead, continue to support this political system from hell, but know this: you are not only helping these elite creatures destroy you, your family and friends, you are also helping them destroy the rest of humanity and the planet as well.

Hollywood-no-talent/Zionist-Stooge Whoopi Goldberg has been blathering on, “If you don’t vote, then you can’t bitch!”

But I say, “If you vote, then you should have no “bitches” about the government, since you are actively supporting it by voting!”

One more time: this system of politics/government is not broken, it is working as it was always designed/intended to work. Therefore, attempting to alter/change this system from the inside (working through its manipulations, like voting) is a FOOLISH WASTE OF TIME AND ENERGY. It is this beast itself that must be encouraged to die, and so the only way to kill the beast is to disengage from it, to starve it, as much as we possibly can. And voting feeds this beast from hell, no matter who you vote for, or why you voted for them.


While the elite-swine have kept us distracted with their every four year farce, here is what they have been up to:

Distracted By Election 2016, No One Resisted The Deep State’s Patriot Act 2


9 thoughts on “Too Bad, Too Sad: A Vote for Stein is “A Waste of Time”/”A Vote for Trump”

  1. So be it, Dave. I still plan to vote for Stein, and Nolan our principled Congressman who represents the people, and principled local candidates who are reachable/teachable/potentially authentic community builders. If Trump wins? It will shake up the system and when the dust settles, who knows. Maybe enough people will awake…

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  2. Local issues I have no problem with, Carol. Everything should be local.

    But nationally…, well I have already expressed what I think about that.

    We’ll just have to disagree on this one.

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  3. Sorry, I had to leave earlier, so I only answered with one word.

    Yes, my friend, it is okay to disagree, this is what I meant by agreeing to disagree.

    I didn’t know you were voting, by the way. This post was written in some frustration because of some folks I know, here at home, who check out my blog every once in a while. They are very vocal, as am I, with their anger and bitterness towards the government, and yet every four years, they jump through the same hoop. So from here forward, I will not be willing to listen to them complain. They can take it elsewhere.

    But this is what I believe to be true, Carol, based on my years of experience with voting and this government.

    And from what you have written, I believe you know this.

    “To thine own self be true”! And I must, or I can’t live with me!

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