“We Now Have Proof Obamacare Was Designed to Fail… and Here’s Why”

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Eight years ago, in one of my weaker moments, I almost fell for Obama’s bullshit: “Yes we can!” I hadn’t fallen for Obama’s asinine, middle-school slogan, mind you, but the man himself, or at least what I thought was a man at the time.

As it turns out, Barack Obama has become what many on the far right were portraying him as, over eight years ago: Obama has turned out to be that sold-out “house slave”, a sold-out stooge of the structural-elite, that many on the right had believed him to be. Obama has turned out to be like every other president that preceded him, save one: John F Kennedy, who was assassinated for not following orders and being a whistle-blower.

{Save the disdain, folks, I know JFK was anything but perfect. I worship no man or religion, including politicians and the U.S. Corporation.}

So now, after three years of Obamacare, we are finding out the sad truth once again: a government program, supposedly implemented to aid “we the people”, has turned out to be just one more way for the Zionist-elite owners of Barack Obama, and the rest of this government, to fuck us in the arse:

We Now Have Proof Obamacare Was Designed To Fail… And Here’s Why

By Melissa Dykes

The oligarchy runs our society with Problem – Reaction – Solution. If anything, these leaks have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the two-party system is an illusion and the whole construct is one huge pay-for-play corporate sham. Obamacare was always meant to destroy the private health care system and usher in single-payer, government run socialist medicine. It was designed that way… and it’s “working”.

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Source: We Now Have Proof Obamacare Was Designed to Fail… and Here’s Why


Are you offended by the way I have describe Obama here? Then read on:

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