“10 Images That Perfectly Illustrate the Struggle Against the Dakota Access Pipeline”

Image: http://www.thedailysheeple.com

10 Images That Perfectly Illustrate the Struggle Against the Dakota Access Pipeline


by Nick Bernabe

The struggle to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline has been mired in police brutality and militarization. In fact, many have likened the atmosphere in Standing Rock, North Dakota, to a war zone.

The corporate media initially refused to cover the Dakota Access Pipeline protests, though the ongoing story’s virality on social media eventually forced it into the mainstream. Even now that the #NoDAPL movement has developed into a national political narrative, the media continues to whitewash the severity of the crackdown against the Native American protesters, who call themselves “water protectors.”

Below are 10 images I have come across (while closely following the Dakota Access Pipeline protests for Anti-Media) that narrate the struggle at Standing Rock:


This initial crackdown at the Standing Rock camp shortly after the activation of the North Dakota National Guard.

Battle lines are drawn.



As frustration mounts, two National Guards trucks are set on fire.

Contributed by The Anti-Media of theantimedia.org.

The rest of the images can be found here:

Source: 10 Images That Perfectly Illustrate the Struggle Against the Dakota Access Pipeline | The Daily Sheeple


5 thoughts on ““10 Images That Perfectly Illustrate the Struggle Against the Dakota Access Pipeline””

  1. I have asked some questions on the smilar post of another Earthling friend The Burning Blogger Of Bedlam blog 5 days ago. I wanted to copy paste same comment of mine in here, dear Earthling friend Sojourner. Here it is:

    I am thinking over their resistances. There are so many things to say. I have to ask some questions and give answer for explaining.

    Q-Why the Native American people didn’t prepare enough to this resistance?

    A-There have been many resistances on the planet and still it is, they could have studied what the people on Earth made against the police or govt forces; like wearing gas masks or using ultrasonic dog repeller devices.

    Q- On the RT video, the witness says that people (the resistors) are singing, drumming and praying. Really? What would they expect at there?

    A- It is obvious, USA is the first country which has evolved to become a police state on the planet. They should have known that US’s police or govt forces were going to use almost every vilolance tools on the resistors. This resistance would not be with singing or praying. Even if while Palestinians are using the gas masks which they made from plastic bottles by cutting upper side, kind of home made gas masks against Israel forces, in USA they should have prepared more. Also, I know this is an emotional situation for Native American people. But they should know that the police and the military forces of the government have put their feeling aside.

    Q-To protect of their sacred places is their natural rights. I know that they did many things for hearing of their voice by world public. Even one of Native American Indian Chief had talked in UN in Brussels last month(if I am not mistaken it was last month). And I had read this news as “wow, if they go to the UN, they will do anything for protecting!” And now, I am seeing a petition to sign was opened to President Obama(!), and the fund which can be send money help. Do they really expect the some things from Obama? And, do they really think that to make a petition will help to draw the attention of the public?

    A-First they have to give a name for this resistance. This is what I want to say in here: If this is a resistance against the massive energy companies who are cooperating with government of US, to create a petition to ask for president of government, shows this resistance as weak! Besides the people have to know that the petitions via internet are usefull for satisfy themselves and the people do nothing to act. It is also the capitalist elites wanted. They want that people don’t act and the people think “I am helping with clicking”. This is kind of trap and majority of people live with comfort of this thought by relaxing themselves.

    Why I wrote these? Because if people want to a resistance which is stable and will give right results, it has to be a scope. Within this scope, the results of the resistance become clear, even maybe from the begining. And there is no place a petition for a president into a stable resistance.

    Also, I have to say, I feel deeply empathy and respect for Native American people’s culture. When they are hurt I am feeling almost same anger and sadness with them. Their culture is one of the values which the people on Earth have to protect and transmit to the next generations.

    On the other side my Earthling friend, the people on Earth have to know that almost every government is preparing to be full police state. If they ignore what the Native American people lived through; maybe not today or not tomorrow but eventually the day will come for every one.

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  2. My friend, these people do not respond like we do. In fact, they reject the ways of the White European, those who came, stole their land and mass murdered their ancestors.

    They place no stock in how we would do something, and rightly so, since they see everything we do as not being effective.

    This is all I can tell you, beyond they refuse to lower themselves to our standards, and for this I cannot fault them.

    If I were them, I wouldn’t pay any attention to how White Europeans (I’m including myself here) do things, Every thing we touch turns to shit or is destroyed.

    In my opinion, we need to start listening to and following their example, not the other way around.

    But I also know there is no way for you to understand this. Hell, I live here, and I am ignorant of their ways

    Thanks, my friend! I wish I could be of more help to you!

    Maybe this will help?


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  3. I understand what you mean. They want to keep going with peaceful resistance. And there are many resistances like that. But I want to explain more what I wanted to say.

    I saw and experienced the Occupy Gezi, in 2013. The mass who joined to occupy gezi has never used any tool which is considered as weapon including small stones against the police forces. This was very peaceful resistance and spread almost all cities at the country; it wasn’t limited with only Istanbul. For creating similarity, Gezi Park is in Istanbul, but except the Istanbul in many city people started to resistance in their cities like Ankara, Izmir end etc. So I wanted to say that Native American people resistance can spread in many cities like occupy Gezi. For this, it needs stable stand; it wouldn’t be with a petition for president or writing over internet. And the people who joined occupy Gezi weren’t white European, even they weren’t the people who are accepted in any class as white people:) They were Turks, Kurds, Laz and many ethnics.

    My point is in here, they need to prepare like wearing gas masks, even I had given an example from Palestinians who used home made gas masks. If they get injured who will continue the resistance when their numbers would decrase? And after then who will protect to their lands instead of them?

    And thank you for link I will read right now.

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