“Hierarchy, Empire and Health”

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Hierarchy, Empire and Health

Published on Wednesday, 02 November 2016

Carroll Quigley’s Tragedy and Hope reveals the Anglo-American power structure which emerges in the late nineteenth century to dictate the course of history. In this discussion, Richard Grove discusses Kevin Cole’s paper on The Trivium and the Empire – how the German model of education was used to stratify, homogenise and control society. It is a wide ranging discussion taking in neoplatonism, Freemasonry, the Rhodes scholarships to Oxford University and the importance of controlling language to control people. Take note of the Pilgrim Society, a proto Anglo-American parliament and forerunner to the Council for Foreign Relations (CFR).

As yesterday’s Daily Pickings proposed, we need a grown up discussion around Jewish power (Rothschilds bankrolled Rhodes – usury is the weapon of influence and control). We also need to understand the implications of hierarchy. Its impact on civilisation is plain to see although its impact on individuals is less obvious; we’re all stressed but the lower down the social order, the greater our stress.

Until we challenge the notion of institutionalised hierarchy, we will not solve the problems in the world to improve life for everyone.

Source: Hierarchy, empire and health


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