“Russia: The West Is Trapped in Its Own ‘Propaganda-Created World'”

Image: http://www.virgula.uol.com.br There is good news and bad news. The bad news is, the Zionist-elite owned and operated media is attempting to convince we the individuals that there is a new 'cold war' brewing with Russia. But the good news is, we the individuals, by the score, are starting to recognize the media talking-heads for … Continue reading “Russia: The West Is Trapped in Its Own ‘Propaganda-Created World'”

Study: U.S. regime has killed 20-30 million people since World War Two

Congratulations! Your “exceptionalism”, Mr and Ms America, has been morphed into crimes against humanity, including genocide!

Friends of Syria

James A. Lucas


After the catastrophic attacks of September 11 2001 monumental sorrow and a feeling of desperate and understandable anger began to permeate the American psyche. A few people at that time attempted to promote a balanced perspective by pointing out that the United States had also been responsible for causing those same feelings in people in other nations, but they produced hardly a ripple. Although Americans understand in the abstract the wisdom of people around the world empathizing with the suffering of one another, such a reminder of wrongs committed by our nation got little hearing and was soon overshadowed by an accelerated “war on terrorism.”

But we must continue our efforts to develop understanding and compassion in the world. Hopefully, this article will assist in doing that by addressing the question “How many September 11ths has the United States caused in other nations since WWII?” This…

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Why Don’t The Amish Get Cancer? – Complete Health and Happiness — The Invisible Opportunity: Hidden Truths Revealed

The Most Revolutionary Act


When we think of Amish people we think of a simple life, free of modern advancements. Most of us view them as foolish for not using the advantages of convenient technology and even look down on them for not conforming to the norms of mainstream society.  But if we look at the statistics, the Amish are much healthier than the rest of America. They virtually have no cancer, no autism, and rarely get sick. What are they doing different from the rest of America?  Let’s look at some of the things they are doing different (here).

A recent study published in the journal Cancer Causes and Control has revealed that Amish people have virtually no cancer within their population, and are considered the most healthy people in America.

Researchers from Ohio State University originally launched a study on the Amish population to see whether rates of cancer would be higher due to their…

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