“Humans are Disposable Goods”

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Humans are Disposable Goods

Published on Tuesday, 08 November 2016

If there is one aspect of the human condition within the current political economy which clearly demonstrates its psychopathic nature, it is that humans are disposable: pawns to be moved, chips to be wagered, cattle to be used and abused.

The “refugee”/”migrant” crisis is an exemplar of how humans are used for geopolitical purposes; “losses” add to the effect because who wouldn’t get emotional over a “missing” 3 year old child? Everyone in this trade is a pawn and we are all victims of this systematic abuse.

Not only are humans disposed of for geopolitical ends but often for the gratification of the Structural Elite and the elevated cattle doing their bidding. If everyone in power is complicit, the omerta (vow of silence) stays intact. Interestingly, while Zionist interests promote open borders for Europe, they are much less accommodating to “outsiders” within Israel; unless, of course, they are for self-gratification.

Factbook on Global Sexual Exploitation: Israel

There are no official numbers regarding the extent of prostitution and the traffic of women in Israel, but there is a general consensus that it is becoming more prevalent. (CEDAW Report, 8 April 1997)

Human casualties are the inevitable by-product of the current political economy and the geopolitical games of the elevated cattle. Keeping tabs on the game plan is often difficult because alliances and enmities shift in the sand according to convenience. Daily Pickings has suggested that the unlikely partnership of Israel’s Netanyahu and Turkey’s Erdogan is fraught with contradictions; now Vladimir Putin has created a threesome to further Russia’s interests. This could end in tears and the disposal of millions more humans.

Russia, Turkey, Israel and a New Balance of Power by F. William Engdahl

If nature abhors a vacuum, geopolitics does so even more. The vote by a majority of the citizens of Great Britain to exit the dysfunctional construct misnamed the European Union is a symptom of something far deeper and more tectonic. It’s as if a huge dam ruptured and the flood is transforming the world space. The dam is the invincibility of Washington and the United States as world sole superpower, world hegemon, trying desperately to hold the world flow back. The vacuum, created by the precipitous decline of US global power, is being answered across the world, the most surprising perhaps being the apparent concord between Vladimir Putin, Bibi Netanyahu and, of all people, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Rothschilds’ influence is global and their interests are served by this ménage à trois (oil and resources are very much their bailiwick) but if this alliance fails and global war erupts, they’ll benefit whoever wins. However, the stakes are high; the ultimate risk is the destruction of humanity and their fiefdom. That said, in 1992 Rothschilds’ ambition was a global wilderness although it was acknowledged that indigenous people are a problem…

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