“Islam in the Media”

Image: http://www.stream.org The following article is necessary because of the Zionist-Christian induced, racist and paranoid state of the American public at large: Islam in the Media Published on Wednesday, 09 November 2016 Murtaza Jaffer has been exploring how Islam and Muslims are portrayed in media. The documentary does an excellent job of explaining how media … Continue reading “Islam in the Media”

“Exceptional” American Hypocrisy!

Image: http://www.thesaker.is I know most of you have abandoned your televisions, and for very good reasons. But believe it or not, there are some things to be learned from the boob tube, if that is, you are aware of the fact that television is first and foremost a mind control device. So for those of … Continue reading “Exceptional” American Hypocrisy!

“The Battle For Just Peace In A World of War Lies”

Image: http://www.greanvillepost.com {I'm no fan of socialism, nor any other ism, for that matter, but the quote above is still the truth.} How apropos that I'm posting this article on one of the many days Americans honor and praise their "heroes"; the paid mercenaries, the genocidal freaks who willingly wage war on the defenseless/disenfranchised men, … Continue reading “The Battle For Just Peace In A World of War Lies”