“Islam in the Media”

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The following article is necessary because of the Zionist-Christian induced, racist and paranoid state of the American public at large:

Islam in the Media

Published on Wednesday, 09 November 2016

Murtaza Jaffer has been exploring how Islam and Muslims are portrayed in media.

The documentary does an excellent job of explaining how media demonise Muslims and Islam but the examples shown of how to combat “Islamophobia” risk playing into the divide and control strategy.

Muslim organisations are challenging individual instances of false or fabricated reporting; others are attempting to promote the positive aspects of Islam which reflect the behaviour and attitudes of the vast majority of Muslims who want what the rest of us want – to live in freedom and peace.

Successful resolution of specific abuses takes time, energy and resources and can never hope to hold back the tide of media bias. The way media is framed dictates perceptions and ensures anti-Muslim bias persists. In the period prior to 7/7, the BBC series Spooks contained elements of the narrative of that fateful day – Muslim suicide bombers with rucksacks. Tom Secker describes it as predictive programming.

Muslim organisations are called upon to address “extremism” and “radicalisation” within their communities; many respond, leaping into the trap set for them. Prevent and other initiatives divide communities and reinforce the notion that terrorism is a Muslim problem, whereas there is overwhelming evidence that the intelligence services fabricate and orchestrate false flag terrorist attacks; the State is Terror. Tom has done extensive research and analysis and concludes that intelligence services’ fingerprints are all over 7/7 and many other false flag terrorist attacks.

The best form of defence is attack (Islam and Muslims are under constant attack). Move off the back foot and seek resolution on your terms.

Rather than play the establishment on its terms, Muslims (and all of us concerned with ending the abuse, oppression and destruction in the world) need to speak truth to power but more importantly, to each other. The media have all the firepower but their lies upon lies are beginning to unravel. Truth is infinitely powerful; when humanity engages with truth, transformation will follow.

So what is the truth of the political economy?

Everything is connected and the levers of power are controlled by a minority we’ve termed the Structural Elite. It is not a conspiracy (although there are many conspiracies within the political economy) but the evolution of a confluence of interests coalescing into a one world government.

The Structural Elite emerged over centuries to cement their grip on the levers of power and so when Murtaza asks who’s driving who? ie. are politicians driving the narrative in media or is political rhetoric being driven by media, the answer is obvious: neither. They are controlled within the Military-Intelligence, Media-Academic Complex (MIMAC) by the Rothschild dominated Structural Elite.

Islam is not the source of terror.

The current political economy thrives on competition, conflict and division. There is an alternative: we can choose to trust each other and not our governments, media, nor any of the other hierarchical organisations. This is the truth we need to discuss… or we can continue to play their game.

Source: Islam in the media


Zionist Israel, a rogue state, is the culprit:

Israel’s Ban on the Muslim Call to Prayer in Jerusalem is the Tip of the Iceberg | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization


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