“PSYOPS and the Matrix”

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This post goes out to the “alt right” asshole who responded to my article on the same topic yesterday. I found this “alt-right” asshole’s response in my spam filter, where it belonged. I’m not using his on-line title, since I have no desire to promote this troll. Anyway, the numb-nut suggested I return to my “motherland”. And my question to this asshole is, which one, England or Germany? My father was of English descent, and my mother of German.

I usually don’t respond to these low-life nincompoops, but after the last week, I’m in a rather bad frame of mind. No, that isn’t it, I’m fucking pissed off! And so I’m using this asshole to vent some of my lingering anger.

There is a never ending supply of assholes in “dumbed-down” America today. And my guess is, there always has been. Beyond these “dumbed-down” assholes, money for nothing, and constant war mongering worldwide, this piece of shit country has nothing else left to offer the world.

So thanks, “Alt Right” asshole, you really got the blood flowing this morning! I felt like shit until I read your dumbass comment!

As the Joker might have said, if the corporate-pig, Bruce Wayne, hadn’t murdered him:

“This country needs a nuclear enema!”

PSYOPS and the Matrix

Published on Thursday, 10 November 2016

Yesterday’s Daily Pickings highlighted the mismatch between the demonisation of Islam and the real perpetrators of false flag terror attacks, the intelligence services. There is copious evidence that both Al Qaeda and ISIS are CIA created assets and yet we calmly absorb and accept news stories of our military forces “fighting” ISIS – the reality is NATO is arming and supporting ISIS while pursuing other objectives such as the removal of Bashar al Assad from power in Syria.

If Tuesday’s US presidential election was bread and circuses to divide and distract the masses, the creation of false flag terrorists attacks, and the bogeymen behind them, is the ultimate PSYOPS mind f*ck.

The biggest “terrorist” PSYOPS mind f*ck of the 21st century was 9/11, the fairytale of which persists which in the face of logic, physical and scientific evidence. World Trade Centre 7 is the smoking gun but there are many other aspects to the official story that don’t withstand scrutiny, not least the idea that aluminium planes can punch through steel box framed buildings. Daily Picking covered the physics of the WTC7 collapse recently. Here’s a plan to test the aluminium versus box steel frames hypothesis.

We can remain passive victims of this psychological warfare or we can take the red pill of truth.

Source: PSYOPS and the Matrix


Hey, “Alt Right” Asshole, check these out, if, that is, you are capable of reading and comprehending?

The Fiction of “Fighting the Islamic State”, An Entity Created and Financed by the U.S. and Saudi Arabia | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

US, UK, France, Scandinavian Countries Fund “Local Councils” Affiliated to Terrorist Organizations in Aleppo | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization


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