ALEPPO: Journalist, Eva Bartlett and Humanitarian Volunteer, Pierre Le Corf Speak to Syria TV Channel 7

The Wall Will Fall

13th November 2016

“The outskirts of Aleppo are LITTERED with the spent gas canister bombs…” (used by Western-backed terrorists against Aleppo civilians – as Pierre says later, it’s always civilians that they fall on, every time – and all he see on the frontlines are black flags – always just black flags).

Eva continues, “When Western Media talks about Aleppo they speak of Eastern areas of Aleppo and they claim it’s under siege but they never ever address the siege that the people of Aleppo have been under for YEARS at various times by terrorist factions.”

“So for example, speaking with people here I learned about… the electricity cuts – in fact that there’s no electricity, period… and people are living without access to water, you have to dig wells, you have to buy electricity from generators…”

“And I think this is absolutely something most people outside of Syria…

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