“Nearly Half of Eligible Voters Did Not Vote. At All.”

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If the following information is accurate, then I guess I was wrong. There might still be hope for the majority of Americans to finally wake up and turn their backs on this criminal system of politics/government!

Nearly Half of Eligible Voters Did Not Vote. At All.


Nearly half of all eligible voters did not vote, according to The United States Election Project. Out of 231,556,622 in the Voting-Eligible Population (VEP), there were only 131,018,000 ballots counted.

When compared with the 2008 and 2012 elections, we see almost 9 million less people voting in 2016:


If you count minors and mentally handicapped people, a majority of people in this country effectively voted for no president. If there were anything remotely democratic about this system, we should not see any president elected at all.

Of course, this begs the question, what could possibly grant a person the so-called right to rule others?

Can a majority create the right to rule others? Or is it that the right to rule is something that is reserved for a certain class of people, such as the political ruling class that exists here in the US?

The entire article can be found here:

Source: Nearly Half of Eligible Voters Did Not Vote. At All. | The Daily Sheeple


6 thoughts on ““Nearly Half of Eligible Voters Did Not Vote. At All.””

  1. Yes!

    It also gives me hope that Americans may be waking up, and that they are fed up with this status quo system of politics/government/economics!

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  2. I love the quotes around black. Spot on! I’m more black than Obama!

    Only 26% voted for Trump, and 25% for Clinton. The majority voted for no one.

    “We the people” elect no one! “We the people” never have elected anyone. Hillary was dumped and Donald was selected, not elected by the people.

    This is what the electoral college and super delegates are all about. It’s all a mind control scam to keep most of us believing this government serves us.

    The elite swine placed Donald into office, just like they placed Obama into office eight years ago.

    Between Hillary’s health issues being exposed and Wikileaks, my guess is the elite knew they had to bail on Hillary, even though they wanted her more than Donald.

    They will control Trump just like they have every other president since JFK. And if Donald won’t cooperate, then he will suffer a similar fate as JFK.

    The empire is dying and doomed. GOOD RIDDANCE!

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  3. I was surprised to see that 1/3 approximately from minorities voted for him. But the majority didn’t vote. I hope that he will not destroy the country as the Simpsons predicted.:):) Besides USA citizens are very hard working people.
    Hillary couldn’t do it. I was surprised when i learnt she was running for president.
    Trump was aware that he could not do much as he promised once he is elected. For the Middle East, of course he will continue the same scenario and selling guns etc etc. After all, Trumpy is a businessman!
    The dilemma was clear : Goldmam Sachs or Goldman Sachs?

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  4. Exactly! As long as this version of the STATE exists, along with all other versions, the middle east, nor any of the rest of us, will be safe.

    It’s way past time for humanity to unite and begin a new world, where the people rule, not a few inbred psychos!


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