“Canadians Now Pledging to Build Their Own Wall to Keep Out Trump-Fleeing Liberals”

Image: http://www.thedailysheeple.com

{FOR THE RECORD: I am not a Trump fan. I hate Trump’s corporate-capitalist ass as much as I hate Hillary, Bill, Obama and the rest of this elite-pig owned and operated cesspool! I just cannot stomach the Obama’s, Clinton’s and Sander’s mealy-mouth, nanny/police-state loving supporters. The pathetic rednecks on the far-right are more tolerable to me than these whiny-ass infants on the far-left!}

But I love the following article, and I also love the fact that RT is responsible for it!

Also, kudos to the Canadians for desiring to protect themselves from these Trump-fleeing, politically-correct mama’s and daddy’s boys and girls, who have their neoliberal heads shoved up their far-left hypocritical asses.

Canadians Now Pledging to Build Their Own Wall to Keep Out Trump-Fleeing Liberals


Oval Office for the next four years, Canadians have had an uncharacteristically abrupt reaction to the crashing of their country’s immigration website.

Democrats have repeatedly joked about fleeing to Canada if, in their eyes, the worst were to happen and Republican candidate Trump was elected as president.

But as liberals’ hopes of Hillary Clinton taking command of the White House diminished throughout election night, a sign emerged that earlier pledges to emigrate had some substance – Canada’s official immigration information website crashed.


Taking note from Trump’s campaign speeches and tweets, Canadians responded online to the website’s crash by announcing plans to build their own wall to block unwanted immigrants – “and guess who’ll be paying for it.”

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Source: Canadians Now Pledging to Build Their Own Wall to Keep Out Trump-Fleeing Liberals | The Daily Sheeple


2 thoughts on ““Canadians Now Pledging to Build Their Own Wall to Keep Out Trump-Fleeing Liberals””

  1. This was made as humor news by Zaytung. You can remember Zaytung makes humor, weird but kind of tragi-comic news. This was made shortly after the announcing Trump won at same day. Here is screen view of it latest news part of Zaytung.


    In English: The Canadian government announced that they would build a wall for the US border, and that they would make US government pay.


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