“When Will We Ever Learn?”

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When Will We Ever Learn?

Published on Sunday, 13 November 2016

The title to today’s Daily Pickings is the modified chorus from an anti-war song (Where have all the flowers gone?) popular in the sixties, mourning the loss of youth to wars but is equally applicable today in the context of the war on us all.

Petition sites and social media campaigns are a great adjunct to democracy because the will of the people can be tapped into and mobilised. This is not a quotation but a statement that has two interpretations:

1. That social media has led to greater democracy

2. That social media has provided a hidden conduit of power to control the masses, ie. undermined democracy

The wave of protests across America in reaction to the election of Donald Trump are similar to the uprising in the Maidan, Kiev which was used to conduct regime change in Ukraine. Ukraine is now in the midst of an unreported, bloody civil war and is one potential trigger for war between NATO and Russia. ie. the Maidan protest was manipulated to facilitate the Structural Elite agenda. The same forces (NGOs) drove the Arab Spring and “colour” revolutions elsewhere.

Growing evidence shows that the anti-Trump protests are instigated and funded by outfits associated with George Soros, who seems to run point on driving dissent for the Structural Elite.

George Soros begins his color revolution in America, as MoveOn “activists” march against Trump by Alex Christoforou

MoveOn.org is a George Soros NGO…and George Soros NGOs have nothing to do with charity or justice, and everything to do with political leverage, and in extreme cases government insurrection.

People were being recruited to protest Trump on Wednesday, the day after the election

Meanwhile, outrage continues at the prospect of a Trump presidency which will lead to “plague, famine and pestilence” if the BBC and other media are to be believed. However, Trump in office will be little different to Obama in office, who was little different to Bush, who was little different to Clinton. The puppets who front the US and other governments provide the illusion of change but the agenda is always followed. Trump himself may not be the archetypal puppet but his administration will remain under the control of the Structural Elite

Meet Team Trump by James Corbett

The voting machines have decided who will be the next puppet figurehead of the Pax Americana deep state for the next four years. The circus is over and the peanut shells are being swept out of the stands. So what do we have to show for all of it?

Well, I have some good news, some bad news, and some not-so-good news for you. Let’s start with the bad news.

More and more people are waking up to the illusion of choice and “democracy” and are questioning the current political economy. We don’t need presidents, prime ministers etc.; we need to learn that durable change will only come from us, individually and collectively.

We need to step away from the illusion and then we will learn how to change the world.

Source: When will we ever learn?


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