“Obama Rushes to Implement Climate Treaty Without Congress and Before Trump Can Cancel It”

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{“The science is not settled” on global climate change, nor has it ever been (see here, and here)}

Americans by now, should all be aware of the fact that they do not have, nor have they and their ancestors ever had, a representative form of government. The U.S. Corporation is a representative government all right, but only of the elite minority, by the elite minority, and for the elite minority, and everyone else can simply go to hell:

Obama Rushes To Implement Climate Treaty Without Congress And Before Trump Can Cancel It

By Eric Blair

The Obama Administration is rushing to implement a global treaty on climate change without a vote in Congress and before Trump can “cancel” the agreement.

Put another way, US will be under global governance without input from the people’s elected representatives. Those protesting the prospect of “fascism” might want to pay attention to this story.

{Sojourner note: “the prospect of fascism”? What the fuck have we had for the last half century-plus?

Fascism: a way of organizing a society in which a government ruled by a dictator controls the lives of the people and in which people are not allowed to disagree with the government

: very harsh control or authority

The system of government “we the people” have been ruled by, for a long, long time now, has been some form of a fascist state: Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama have all been figure-head dictators, controlled by a plutocracy made up of inbred elite criminals, the oligarchy.}

According to The Independent:

The US Secretary of State John Kerry says he will continue his efforts to implement the Paris Agreement on global warming, until the day President Barack Obama leaves office.

President-elect Donald Trump has called climate change a hoax and said he would “cancel” US involvement in the landmark Paris deal.

According to the Associated Press, the Paris climate agreement has already officially become international law:

The Paris Agreement to combat climate change becomes international law on Friday (Nov 4th) – a landmark demonstrating that countries are serious about tackling global warming amid growing fears that the world is becoming hotter faster than scientists expected.

So far, 96 countries, accounting for just over two-thirds of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, have formally joined the accord, which seeks to limit global warming to 2 degrees Celsius.

In September, US and China ratified the Paris climate agreement.

The United States has joined China to formally ratify the Paris agreement to curb climate-warming emissions, the world’s two biggest economies said on Saturday, which could help put the pact into force before the end of the year.

“The signal of the two large emitters taking this step together and taking it early, far earlier than people had anticipated a year ago, should give confidence to the global communities and to other countries that are working on their climate change plans, that they too can move quickly and will be part of a global effort,” Senior Obama adviser Brian Deese told reporters.

The White House defends bypassing Congress on the Paris climate deal because it claims it is not a “treaty” but rather an “executive agreement.”

White House said the president has the legal authority to ratify the accord without the two-thirds Senate vote required for international treaties. The Administration said the pact is merely an “executive agreement,” not a treaty.

Except that The Independent refers to it as a treaty in the article above, and Reuters just called it the “most complex global treaty” in over 20 years

The 2015 Paris Agreement was agreed last December by almost 200 countries and has been described as the most complex global treaty since the Marrakesh (trade) Agreement, signed in 1994.

Ratification was swift compared to other international treaties, showing strong international support, but around 100 countries have yet to ratify it.

John Kerry is giving a major speech this week at the climate conference in Morocco where he’ll likely double down on America’s commitment to the treaty.

Imagine a global tax on the air we breathe imposed without a democratic process. Sounds like fascism to me.

Eric Blair writes for Activist Post. This article is free to repost in full with attribution.

Source: Obama Rushes to Implement Climate Treaty Without Congress and Before Trump Can Cancel It


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