“What Do You See?”

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All three of the following videos are short. But if you only have time for one, then I suggest choosing the second one:

What Do You See?

Published on Thursday, 17 November 2016

We live in the Matrix – what we see and hear is contrived and manipulated. Post US election “fever” is an object lesson in how to divide not just a nation but people around the world. We’re encouraged to lash out and hate those who have a different view or allegiance – as if the election result matters. The onward march to tyranny continues while we’re busy worrying about what symbols we will worship en route.

This division and conflict is deliberately manufactured – we’re being constantly goaded into conflict with fellow humans. Who is driving this and why aren’t we talking about it?

The method of control is simple but we fall for it all the time. We just need to stand up as humans and the system dies.

Look beyond what’s put in front of you whether on TV, in print media or online and ask yourself: why this and why now? There are always reasons or agendas at play. When we see the patterns and paths of hegemonic power, we’re on the road to freedom rather than tyranny.

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