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None of Them Has Ever Been My President

Submitted by Glen Ford on Wed, 11/16/2016 – 15:43

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“You can’t scare people with a specter if they have already been in combat with the real thing.”

As a revolutionary Black nationalist whose socialism predates my facial hairs, I have no problem saying Donald Trump is not my president. Neither is the current occupant of the White House, nor were any of the Democrats, Republicans and Whigs that preceded him.

On a chilly November day in 2009 a newly-created coalition, of which I was a co-founder, marched on the White House to denounce and renounce Barack Obama as a tool of white supremacy and the imperial war machine.  “Obama, Obama, you can’t hide – We charge you with genocide,” we shouted, indicting the First Black President for the crimes he was busily committing in service to his masters…

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“Triangulating Soros”

Image: "Humanity faces far greater threats [than "global warming"], all stemming from the corrupt, hierarchical political economy. We should forget side shows and distractions to focus on the real problem: concentrated power which is driving humanity towards the collapse of civilisation." How very "INCONVENIENT" the actual TRUTH can be: Triangulating Soros Published on Saturday, … Continue reading “Triangulating Soros”

“Open Letter to American Liberals”

Hey, all you self-proclaimed “geniuses” on the left, you democrats, take this and munch on it for a while:

“In short, since 1992, I have watched as you [American Liberals] have transformed a current of social thought once rooted in that most basic an necessary human sentiment—empathy—into a badge of cultural and educational superiority. And because feeling good about yourself was much more important to you than actually helping the afflicted, you signed off, in greater or lesser measure to almost all of the life-sapping and dignity-robbing measures of the authoritarian right.”

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by Thomas S. Harrington, via Common Dreams

I would love to share, my liberal friend, in your sense of incredulity about the election of Donald Trump to the presidency of United States. I would love to stand with you in the sense of woundedness that, while certainly painful up front, carries with it the secondary compensation of a warm and nurturing solidarity. I would love to sit with you and fulminate in righteous anger about the unparalleled vulgarity and cruelty of Trump and his followers.

As much as I’d like to do these things, I won’t.  Why?

Because I know you, perhaps better than you even dare to know yourself. I know you well because I have watched you with great and detailed care over the last three decades and have learned, sadly, that you are as much if not more about image and self-regard as any of the laudable…

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