“Let’s play Paedopoly”

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The elite-swine use children as sex slaves in Satanic rituals, and nothing is done to stop them, nor are any of these worshipers of Satan even confronted with their heinous crimes. Meanwhile, mentally and emotionally ill men and women, after being raped and pillaged by the MSM (the MSM that consistently turns a blind eye to the elite-swines’ pedophile rings), rot in prison cells, in this country and around the world. These mentally and emotionally ill people rot in these cells for one reason only, they are not counted among “the chosen” ones (the inbred elite-psychopaths):

Let’s play Paedopoly

Published on Monday, 21 November 2016

Daily Pickings has suggested that the most stimulating and rewarding game is the game of life, ie. working through the levels and layers of information and disinformation to work out who rules, how and why. There is now a specific facet of the game which cries out for an open source collaborate effort: to reveal the links in the chain that lead from paedophilia in international corridors of power all the way to the Rothschilds and the Structural Elite.

In the Mark Passeo interview a few days ago, he claimed that paedophilia underpins the global power structure, an assertion which is corroborated by other work.

You’ll not see anyone in the mainstream media tackling this knotty and harrowing subject because many in the media are complicit if only through turning a blind eye to evidence of paedophilia around them, mainly through fear for their career and possibly their lives.

Paedophilia permeates media and entertainment, the judiciary, police, social services, the church and most visibly in recent weeks, politics. The Podesta and Weiner emails released by Wikilieaks suggest that paedophilia and Satanic sacrifice are de rigeur in the corridors of power. Hence the need for open-source, collaborative research and analysis to fully expose the extent of corruption, murder and child abuse used to control the order followers. The following video focuses on Comet Pizza, referred to in the emails; it is a good place to start.

George Soros, who’s been funding opposition groups to destabilise countries around the world appears to be involved and there is at least one lead to the Rothschilds. By pooling our efforts and exploring all the different facets of this “story” we can expose why we cannot rely on those in authority. There are suggestions that the Podesta brothers were involved in the Madeleine McCann case because of their uncanny resemblance to photofit pictures of suspects circulated shortly after her disappearance. We need firmer evidence than that before jumping to conclusions. Social media is often as manipulated as the mainstream.

Do you want to play? It is deadly serious.

Source: Let’s play paedopoly


Pizzagate Update 11/22: Does Norway Pedo Ring Bust Have Clinton Connections? | Desultory Heroics


2 thoughts on ““Let’s play Paedopoly””

  1. This is sickening, disturbing, disgusting, criminal and maddening!

    And this kind of thing has been going on for ages. This is nothing new. King James, the one who abbreviated the bible to enhance his power, was a well known pedophile. He was probably also inbred, like most of the elite powers have always been.

    Sometime, some day, humanity is going to have to unite and put an end to this wealth and power, inbred minority ruling over the disenfranchised multitudes!


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